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ChemWatch S

Smart control keeps corrosion at bay

With the ChemWatch S Air Corrosivity Monitor, Freudenberg introduces a new generation of its corrosion monitoring system.

Efficient, sustainable, inspired by nature

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies’ newly developed spiderMaxx cassette filters offer turbomachinery operators maximum performance and operational reliability.
The new edition of the Viledon digital product catalog is available at products.freudenberg-filter.com

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies presents new online product catalog

Web platform features air filter portfolio for industrial applications with a user-friendly interface.
Well-designed filtration solutions offer maximum safety

Pure hospital air: your digital overview

Comprehensive solution packages ensure maximum patient safety.
Modular clip-on system

Simple performance increase at the click of a switch

Modular clip-on system enables economical ventilation concept with low maintenance requirements.
Confectionery surface treatment

Confectionery surface treatment

Cooperation with CAPOL – identifying the starting points for collaboration
Viledon NEXX filter bags are more sustainable than ever before

Viledon NEXX filter bags are more sustainable than ever before

Good news for the environment. As of now, the polyester in Viledon NEXX filter bags is obtained 100 percent from recycled material – specifically from old PET bottles.
ISO 29261-1

New classification system simplifies filter selection

The revised ISO 29461-1 standard has recently come into force. It classifies air filters for the intake air filtration of turbomachinery. The 13 filter classes of the standard create transparency, allowing filter performance to be objectively...
Freudenberg Strengthens Filter Business  in the U.S.

Freudenberg Strengthens Filter Business in the U.S.

Freudenberg is expanding its filter business strategically. In the United States, the Freudenberg business group Filtration Technologies acquires the Protect Plus Air Holding, Inc. from its current owner, the Indianapolis-based private equity firm...
Digitization in the service of quality

Digitization in the service of quality

Viledon fiterCair is well established in the coatings industry with which Freudenberg Filtration Technologies holistically examines and customer-specifically optimizes coating processes. One of the core elements is the analysis of paint defects.
Using overpressure to protect liquid foodstuffs

Using overpressure to protect liquid foodstuffs

Innovative tank pressure unit TPU 500 from Freudenberg Filtration Technologies prevents contamination from liquid foodstuffs during storage and filling.
Protection against product contamination

Protection against product contamination

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies developed an engineering solution for sterile filling of cream milk and dairy products with numerous components to ensure hygienic air quality.
e.FFECT - the performance advantage for turbmachinery

e.FFECT - the performance advantage for turbomachinery

Dust and moisture in the intake air of gas turbines and compressors cause deposits on the blade surfaces known as ‘fouling’, as well as corrosion damage in the hot gas area. This results in reduced performance and efficiency while maintenance effort...
Viledon Process View enables efficient filter monitoring

Viledon Process View enables efficient filter monitoring

In energy-intensive industrial painting processes, inefficient filtra-tion systems can quickly have a negative impact on operating costs. Furthermore, poor filter performance can lead to paint de-fects and particle inclusions. Viledon Process View...
Viledon Product Catalog 2021/2022 released

Viledon Product Catalog 2021/2022 released

The new Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Viledon Product Catalog for 2021/2022 is now available. This 152-page publication contains everything you need to know about products and services for industrial filtration, enabling you to find the right...
Dr. Jörg Sievert, COO, to retire

Dr. Jörg Sievert, COO, to retire

Dr. Jörg Sievert, Chief Operating Officer, to retire after 28 successful years - Ed Borger takes over on January 1, 2021
Infection protection "Made in Germany"

Infection protection "Made in Germany"

In many areas of our working life, the wearing of respiratory masks makes a significant contribution to protecting employees against an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has developed a high-quality mask that...
Achieve brilliant coating results with LABS-compliant filters

Achieve brilliant coating results with LABS-compliant filters

The automotive and supplier industry places maximum demands on the quality of coating results. Wetting errors are thus a time-consuming and costly issue. Either they need to be repaired or entire parts have to be repainted. For this reason, many of...
Lufthygiene als Erfolgsrezept

Air hygiene – A recipe for success

Rügenwalder Mühle has been producing high-quality food since 1832. To this end, the long-established brand focuses on modern production processes with the highest hygiene standards – including when it comes to air filtration. Thanks to the Viledon...
Messbar mehr Sicherheit

Measurably more safety

Hygienically clean air is imperative in the production of food and medicines. In this context, air filter systems and their maintenance are crucial for product quality and consumer safety. Viledon filterCair Services have been expanded to include...
filterCair Food and Pharma industry

Perfectly positioned thanks to Viledon filterCair

In cleanrooms and areas with a high hygiene risk, it is not just the filtration system that determines the quality of the supply air. Reliable maintenance also plays an important role.
Viledon hydroMaxx

Viledon hydroMaxx enables moisture and snow to permanently roll off

One of the challenges in air filtration is to combine filter types and filter classes into a tailor-made overall system that is perfectly adapted to the ambient conditions. In humid climates, Viledon coalescer prefilters provide optimum protection...

Intelligent filter cleaning with Freudenberg PulseWatch

With surface filters such as filter cartridges or bags, the dust cake that forms on the surface must be regularly removed. This cleaning is usually carried out using compressed air: either at fixed intervals or – better still – based on the...

Certified Safety

The EU directive ATEX 2014 / 34 / EU regulates the use of equipment and protective systems in explosion-endangered areas. This also applies to air filters and filter elements.
Closing completed: Apollo now part of the Freudenberg Group

Closing completed: Apollo now part of the Freudenberg Group

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies takes over majority of Apollo Air-cleaner Co., Ltd. in China

Print and digital offerings even more closely linked

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies published the new Viledon® product catalog 2019/2020. This edition features updated information on the ISO 16890 test standard, the EUROVENT Directive 4/23 and the new energy efficiency classes (4/21).

Freudenberg strengthens filter business

The global technology group Freudenberg is expanding its filter business. The Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Business Group has signed a contract in China to purchase the majority shares of Apollo Air-cleaner Co., Ltd.

ISO 16890 definitively replaces test standard EN 779

As of July 1, 2018, ISO 16890 will be the sole internationally applicable testing standard for classifying air filters. It now definitively replaces the previous industry standard EN 779, which had applied for 18 months in parallel.

No chance for legionella

Dry instead of wet: operators of paint shops play it safe when they choose dry separation of overspray for their facilities.

Dry separation made easy

Dry paint mist separation in paint shops is very much in vogue. At the PaintExpo 2018 in Karlsruhe Freudenberg Filtration Technologies presented the alternative: dry separation using modern filtration solutions.

Looking inside the microcosm of car painting

Nothing should dull the driving pleasure and futuristic design of a new car. Not even the smallest surface defects in plastic components, which are barely visible to the human eye.

e.FFECT: filter efficiency rating is now digital

e.FFECT - that is the name of the new software tool with which Freudenberg Filtration Technologies is able to configure supply air filtration systems for customers even more precisely.


The air is getting thin

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 90 percent of the world‘s population live in places with poor air quality. This has serious health consequences, especially for children. A turnaround can only be achieved if particulate matter and harmful gas emissions from industry and private households are permanently reduced.

Optimally protected against salt water and sand

Reliability is essential in offshore oil and gas production. Unscheduled shutdowns have far-reaching consequences for the performance of a platform. Due to their location on the open sea, repair work is much more complex, time-consuming and costly. This is why a major oil and gas company invested in the renewal of its air filtration system for gas turbines.

In search of good air

We only notice how valuable clean air is when it is absent. When particulate matter and smog determine our lives in the cities or the countryside and endanger the health of millions of people. So we decided to search out some unique places where you can breathe deeply without a care.

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