The right air filtration system for your paint booths

Efficient air filtration and paint mist separation

Radiant results in the paint booth: Increase your process reliability with efficient air filter systems that are precisely tailored to your painting requirements.

Repair booths

Reliable filter systems. Premium results.

Achieve lasting, radiant painting results with a comprehensive air filter solution that reliably separates particles from the intake as well as exhaust air.

A majority of the dust can be separated already in the prefiltration by means of Viledon pocket filters. Thanks to their high reliability and efficiency, our pocket filters have become standard features in workshops. Long-lasting ceiling filters also ensure maximum process reliability and prevention of dust breakthrough. In the filtration of booth exhaust air, the Viledon paint mist arrestor impresses with high arrestance performance and dimensional stability.

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Ceiling filter

PA 560 G-10 - the professional ones for gleaming paintwork

100% separation of particles >10 μm, which can cause visible surface defects. The progressively structured filter medium achieves optimal filtration performance and dust holding capacity to enable a longer useful lifetime.


Paint mist arrestor

Paint Pockets - high-quality filtration for paint-spray cabin exhaust air

The diamond-shaped and three-dimensional structure of the material prevents premature blocking of the surface. The three-dimensional material structure doubles the filter area, resulting in a significant increase in the capacity to retain paint mist.


Filter stage in the intake air system

Pocket filters - high-performance, economical and energy-efficient

The T60 pocket filter guarantees high efficiency under extreme loads in addition to high arrestance performance and a long lifetime.


Dry separation final filter

Pocket filters - Reliable, dependable and robust

The robust filter series for high coarse-dust loadings even at high air throughput. High operational dependability and reliability even in the face of extreme moisture and wet conditions.


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Individual air filter concepts for repair and paint booths


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Viledon filterCair modules

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