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Thanks to its greater range compared with the conventional battery concept, the fuel cell drive is becoming a key drive technology of tomorrow. For more power while maintaining maximum safety, fully market-compatible intake air filters and humidifiers ensure efficient use of the filters in mobile and stationary fuel cells.

In the fast lane: The fuel cell

It is undisputed that mobility will change greatly in the coming years. Alternative drive technologies are becoming increasingly competitive and are in some cases already a real option today. According to current studies, no single technology will replace the traditional combustion engine. Instead, it is expected that a variety of concepts will co-exist. The fuel cell as hydrogen application is one of these. By 2050, there could be more than 100 million hydrogen-powered vehicles on the roads. This technology is particularly strong when it comes to long distances. The ranges of fuel cell vehicles are significantly greater than those of comparable electric cars. With sustainable production of hydrogen, fuel cell vehicles operate without emissions and contribute to improved air quality in population areas since the hydrogen reaction produces no waste gases other than water vapor. We support green hydrogen and fuel cell production with the development of filters and humidifiers that are specially tailored to the requirements of fuel cells.

“Fuel cell vehicles are particularly well suited for long distances thanks to their great range. Because electric cars are most attractive for shorter distances, this alternative drive technology perfectly complements the sustainable mobility mix of tomorrow.” Felix Herberg, Vice President Global Market Segment Commercial Vehicles

How a fuel cell works

Better performing fuel cells with Freudenberg

For more than twenty years, we have been developing solutions for intake air filtration and the humidification of fuel cells. As market leader, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies offers a comprehensive portfolio of standardized products as well as custom-tailored systems. Numerous solutions are already successfully in use today thanks to our commitment to relevant products and a local market presence in our development work. This was also recognized by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Environment, Climate and Energy, which selected our fuel cell filter type N for the f-cell Award 2017 based on outstanding and especially application-friendly developments in the innovative field of fuel cells.

f-cell award for innovative fuel cell technology

micronAir fuel cell filter

Fuel cells react sensitively to salts, nitrous oxides or compounds with sulfur or ammonia, which can enter the process via the intake air. Effective filtration is therefore essential in order to protect the sensitive components and ensure greater safety. Our filter media are specially developed for the unique requirements of fuel cells. micronAir filters effectively protect the catalyst material and the membranes used in the stack and system components from contaminant gases and particles.

micronAir fuel cell filters

Low pressure losses with consistently high arrestance performance ensure reliable processes and maximum service life for your fuel cell components. From efficient standard filters to a customized filtration concept – you will find the right system for any requirement in the flexible use of mobile fuel cells. Various filter geometries meet the specific requirements of solutions for private and commercial vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, trains or other heavy duty applications. The filters are also well tested in stationary use: Our fuel cell filters are also used in cogeneration plants and in power generation.

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micronAir fuel cell humidifier

Efficient fuel cell drives depend on reliable membrane humidification. This ensures a flawless reaction and prevents early degradation due to the electrolyte drying out. In short: Fuel cells only achieve sustained high performance with a high-quality humidifier. We offer you long-lasting humidifiers that are adapted to the requirements of your system. The outstanding water transfer rate at a low pressure drop guarantees stable humidification. The hollow fiber technology enables various housing geometries that have been tested in real operation and optimized. These can be easily adapted to your system requirements without major investments. From evaluation with standard modules to the manufacture of prototypes all the way to individual series production – we are happy to assist you with new developments from the very start.

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micronAir fuel cell humidifier

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micronAir fuel cell filters type N and Q

Maximum protection against ammonia, longer lifetime

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Modular humidifier series FC HU-30 for PEMFC

Highest performance, long durability

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Modular humidifier series FC HU-20 for PEMFC

Highest performance, flexible design

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Modular humidifier series FC HU-MG2-X

High-performance fuel cell humidifiers for mobile and stationary applications

Your holistic Freudenberg product range for fuel cell systems

Freudenberg combines all of the skills, material expertise, design and process engineering, including industrialization know-how and capacities to support green hydrogen and fuel cell production deployment. 

Sealing solutions

Whether you are working with fuel cells or electrolyzers, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies can provide invaluable insights into the development of high-performance integrated stack seals and balance-of-plant gaskets. Learn more about seal profiles for your specific stack application.

Gas diffusion layers

Freudenberg Performance Materials produces a comprehensive range of gas diffusion layers designed to meet all operative conditions and requirements in hydrogen Fuel Cells (PEMFC, DMFC) and Electrolyzers (PEM, AEM). Learn more about the key component of fuel cells.