Filters for Construction Equipment Cabs

For the protection of operators in the construction industry

Discover our individually adjustable micronAir cabin filters, which are specifically designed to protect the interiors of Off-Highway equipment from hazardous particles and dust.

Dust Free Air

Challenging construction site environment

The air quality on construction sites can be significantly impacted by numerous factors and activities. Heavy construction processes, such as cutting, crushing, and drilling of building materials release dust, particles, and fibers, which leads to increased air pollution. The movement of construction machinery and equipment swirls up particles on the ground as well as sludge, which releases additional dust into the atmosphere. Any contact with construction site dust, exhaust fumes, and other hazardous emissions can be detrimental to the health of operators.

Dust Free Air

Cab filters protect drivers and air conditioning systems

High-quality filter systems improve the working environment for drivers. They protect machine operators from harmful particles, dust, and other potential hazards by cleaning the cab air in challenging construction site environments. Our innovative micronAir products not only protect the drivers themselves, but also sensitive ventilation components such as air conditioning systems. This extends the lifespan of the HVAC or heating and air conditioning system and ensures efficient thermal management.

Health and Safety

micronAir filter for all Off-Highway equipment

From excavators, wheel loaders, rollers, cranes, bulldozers to skid steer loaders – we develop your individual filtration system according to your requirements. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies is a global leader in filtration technologies in numerous segments and industries. We have been the filtration expert since 1957. Our experienced team and state-of-the-art technology ensure safety and a healthy climate in the cabs of all commercial and special vehicles.

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micronAir premium filter: Your advantages for construction equipment and HVAC systems

Discover the high-quality micronAir cabin filters, tailor-made for construction vehicles as well as heating and air conditioning systems. Our premium filters offer many advantages: 

  • Top quality: Proprietary, water-resistant filter media for optimal performance.
  • Long-lasting performance: Long service life of the filter due to large dust storage capacity with low pressure loss.
  • Economical and reliable: Reduce maintenance costs and minimize downtime with our long-lasting filters.
  • Optimized climate: Protect the heating and air conditioning system for long-term high performance.
Clean breathing air for construction operators
micronAir filter for off highway vehicles
  • Focus on health: Protect drivers from harmful particles and ensure clean air in the cab.
  • Comfort at work: Create a pleasant working environment through clean air and reduced dust pollution.
  • Increased efficiency: Optimize driver productivity through state-of-the-art working conditions.
  • High safety standards: Flame-retardant premium non-woven material in accordance with ISO standard 3795.

Clean air your way

We work together with you to develop tailor-made filtration solutions that offer the highest safety level and which are easy to use. Our state-of-the-art filter media are perfectly combined with individual designs and housings to create robust solutions for everyday use under extreme conditions. 

Choose from a variety of options, including framing and shaping in metal, aluminum & plastic processing, tailored to your specific application needs or designs. We advise you with customized media proposals, sealing solutions and thus gasket types for your individual projects.
Learn more about our customized filtration solutions and how they can maximize the efficiency of your construction vehicles as well as heating and air conditioning systems.

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Boosting safety and efficiency

5 Reasons why nonwoven filters pay off

Construction vehhicles operate in extremely demanding environments and endure heavier particle exposure compared to standard vehicles. Standard surface-loading paper filters do not provide adequate protection for operators in many of these situations. Simply using a different type of cabin air filter in your construction equipment cabin offers a broad scope of benefits from safety to efficiency.

Discover why a cabin air filter with depth-loading nonwoven filter medium crafted from synthetic fibers stands out as the superior choice for such demanding applications with these 5 reasons:

Expert know-how

5 reasons why nonwoven filters pay off

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