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Online monitoring systems to identify corrosive environments

Clean air in switchgear and control rooms is indispensable. An oxidized circuit board or a defective plug connection can bring entire production processes to a standstill. Viledon filter elements and systems offer effective protection for electronic components against corrosion and ensure operational reliability. In addition, state-of-the-art control instruments help to minimize the risk of corrosion by seamlessly monitoring the ambient air.

The Viledon ChemWatch S is the latest development from Freudenberg Filtration Technologies in the field of online process monitoring. It combines modern hardware with established sensor technology.

ChemWatch ChemWatch S Innovation

2023: Viledon ChemWatch S Air Corrosivity Monitor

Small. Smart. Simple.

With the ChemWatch S, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies launches the next product generation, which makes corrosion protection even easier through advanced interface compatibility and cloud-based data transfer.

The monitoring of room air (following the ANSI / ISA 71.04-2013 standard) by continuous measurement of corrosive gases, temperature and humidity remains the core element of the ChemWatch S. For this purpose, established sensor technology is used to identify sources of error, such as leaks or gas breakthroughs, at an early stage. Countermeasures can thus be initiated in a timely manner to ensure a smooth process flow. The Modbus TCP interface for data transfer to a process control system is also still included.

ChemWatch S

In addition to the core features of the original ChemWatch, the ChemWatch S offers the user some additional benefits:

  • Cloud-based data transfer: The MQTT protocol is available for minute-by-minute data transfer to the cloud.
  • Compact design: The reduced format and simple attachment allow for use in confined spaces. The LED display allows important notes and measurement parameters to be kept easily in view.
  • Interactive dashboard: The device ensures safety with convenience due to a comprehensive, intuitive dashboard, an internal memory that can temporarily store over two years of measurement data, and particularly simple reporting.
  • Operating system compatibility: The interactive dashboard can be displayed via the browser of all popular operating systems, through a mobile access point or a network connection.

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2018: New additional functions

After three years of successful operation, the ChemWatch system has been expanded to include several new functions:

  • In addition to WiFi and Bluetooth data transmission, a connection via the Mode-TCP standard is now also possible.
  • For documentation purposes, the measurement data is saved in CSV files.
  • It is possible to define intervals in which these values are transmitted. In the "5min interval", an entry is made only every five minutes - the data volume is reduced by 80 percent. Irrespective of the interval, the values and their development over time can be read on the display to the minute.
  • Three secured digital interfaces are available for the use of alarm functions. The signals can be configured very easily via the software.

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2015: Viledon ChemWatch Online Monitoring System

Switch on. Measure. Monitor.

The ChemWatch Online Monitoring System - an in-house development by Freudenberg Filtration Technologies - adds another product to the 360-degree approach. In this approach, services, in addition to filtration products and system solutions, are an important component in reliably protecting people and optimizing processes.

The ChemWatch Online Monitoring System is used for process control to protect electronic components and metallic surfaces from corrosion. The task is therefore: observe, record, control. Because only continuous observation ensures optimum corrosion protection.

Putting Out Feelers

The monitoring system extends its "corrosion sensors" on its upper side by means of sensor boards: one made of copper, one of silver. Corrosion changes the electrical resistance. This is periodically measured on the boards and compared with a reference value. In addition, Viledon ChemWatch records the room temperature, the relative humidity and the room overpressure for an all-round analysis.

The color display on the front panel shows measurements at a glance in the form of a curve diagram. This indicated whether the pollutant gas concentration is in the "green zone" and how it is developing over time. All information is incorporated and stored in real time and can be traced back and evaluated for at least 18 months.

Customers can view the data on their smartphone via WiFi, for example. Or they can set an individual alarm signal and be notified by e-mail. In this way, they can immediately identify and eliminate problems at any time.

Benefit from our specialized expertise in corrosion control.

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Small. Smart. Simple.

Operating Manual

ChemWatch S air corrosivity monitor Manual

Operating Manual

Operating Manual

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Viledon ChemWatch Online Monitoring System

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Operating Manual

Operating Manual

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