Since 2015: Viledon ChemWatch

Filtration goes Digital

The online monitoring system to prevent corrosion

Clean air is essential in switch and control rooms. An oxidized circuit board or a defective connection can put entire production processes out of commission. Viledon filter systems provide electronic components with effective protection against corrosion, thus ensuring operational dependability. At the same time, the Viledon ChemWatch online monitoring – an in-house development of Freudenberg Filtration Technologies – provides reassuring certainty around the clock and anywhere in the world that no corrosive contaminant gases are impairing the sensitive equipment.
In addition to its first-class filtration solutions, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies also offers its customers a comprehensive service package for corrosion protection. This includes the online monitoring system Viledon ChemWatch for process monitoring. Its purpose: observe, record, inspect. After all, only continuous observation can ensure optimal corrosion protection.

Stretching out the feelers

The monitoring system stretches out its “corrosion feelers” on the top side with sensor plates: one made of copper, one made of silver. Corrosion changes the electrical resistance. This is regularly measured on the plates and compared with a reference value. In addition, Viledon ChemWatch records the room temperature, relative humidity and room overpressure for detailed and in-depth analysis.

On the color display on the front of the unit, the shape of a chart shows at a glance whether the contaminant gas concentration is in the “green zone” and how it has developed over time. All information is integrated in real-time and saved to allow tracking and analysis over a minimum of 18 months.

For example, customers can access the data on a smartphone via WLAN. Or they can configure an individual alarm signal and be notified by email. This allows problems to be identified and corrected immediately at any time.

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