High demands on coolant and lubricant filtration

The Viledon cooltexx nonwoven fabrics developed specially for band filters are matched to the different demands of preparing industrial process liquids and offer the perfect combination of efficiency, versatility and the highest purity.

Expertise in filtration

Every application makes different demands on filter media. Our worldwide know-how and many years of experience are the foundation for tailored filtration solutions for our customers on-site. Our expertise and high quality standard offer the highest security even for sensitive applications.
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Viledon cooltexx filter media

Reliable filtration of dirt and solid particles from all kinds of coolants and liquids:

  • Oil / water emulsions
  • Grinding, honing and cutting oils
  • Washing, galvanic and phosphating baths
Application specific cooltexx product recommendations

Filtration of coolants and lubricants

Filtration of coolants and lubricants

The proper preparation of cooling lubricants has a huge commercial significance in machining. We run you through the interaction cycles between the machining process, material and filter system and select the most suitable nonwoven fabric. Thanks to cooltexx filter media, all process parameters can be kept at optimal levels with low operating costs. The efficient filtration of particles is the foundation for high product surface quality and long tool life.
Aufbereitung von Walzölen und Emulsionen

Preparation of rolling oil and emulsions

Continuous and reliable filtration in the milling industry guarantees high surface quality of coils, foils or laminate materials. Viledon cooltexx filter media optimally prepare cooling lubricants in rolling oil circulation systems, thereby guaranteeing consistently high process liquid quality. Freudenberg supplies special ultra-fine filter media for the high demands on the cleaning of rolling oils in cold rolling processes and the preparation of pickling baths. Special filter systems can thus separate out solid particles of down to 0.5 μm in size.
Filtration von Wasch- und Phosphatierbaedern

Filtration of washing and phosphating baths

Special nonwoven fabrics are needed for the filtration of washing, coagulation and phosphate baths. These are used in circulation processes for surface finishing or for cleaning individual components and finished products, among others. Freudenberg filter media are also perfectly suited for separating excessive foreign substances from painting processes. For each of these individual applications, we develop the optimal filter which is perfectly matched to the various chemical conditions and requirements.

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