Since 1974: Pocket filter

Of powerhouses and master accumulators

The secret lies in what you can’t see

With its pocket filters, Freudenberg entered the filter business in grand style in the 1970s. With the leak-proof welding of the inherently stiff filter pockets, the precise fit of their foaming within the PU frame and their outstanding dimensional stability, the company has set new standards from the very start. There is practically no better way to utilize the entire available filter area than the toothed V-shape.
As a nonwoven pioneer, it is a matter of pride for Freudenberg to develop the very best filter media from day one and to use them in its pocket filters. In the end, the great secret of their exceptional filtration performance lies in what can’t be seen, the filter medium. A complete pocket filter product line exclusively of synthetic-organic fibers – such a thing never existed before. The same was true later of the patented, electrostatically spun microfibers for the final stage of air filtration.
And as is so often the case, Freudenberg continued to improve on its own design, adapting it to the increasing customer requirements. When it comes to knowing which pocket filter is best-suited as an uncompromising powerhouse for coarse filtration, as a dust-stockpiling master accumulator or as a high-precision separator of fine particulate, no one is better informed than your Viledon expert advisor. One thing is certain: They are all very energy-efficient.

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