Activated carbon filters and other products for gas phase filtration

Individual filtration solutions for the removal of harmful gases

Whether mixed pellets, aluminum-based or activated carbon pellets - the right filtration concept must be selected based on the maximum permissible contaminant gas concentration or odor intensity. The filter modules and multi-stage solutions are therefore tailored precisely to your needs and operate with the highest efficiency. We would be happy to advise you on choosing the right equipment and activated carbon filters for your process.

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Chemical Media for Gas Phase Filtration

A comprehensive range from a single partner

The basis of our chemical media portfolio is the quality of the ChemControl pellets used in our systems. We supply aluminum-based pellets, activated carbon pellets and mixed pellets for reliable filtration of harmful gases.

Alumina based pellets

Alumina based pellets

Activated Alumina is a highly porous material, which is then mixed with different kind of impregnates. The impregnate‘s type and quantity will determine the target gases and concentrations to work with.​

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Activated carbon pellets

Activated carbon pellets​

Made from different raw materials like coal, wood and coconut shell and activated by thermal processes. Activated carbon offers a wide range of pores and large surface area, ideal for adsorption to achieve the required sensitivity for certain substances/gases.​

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Blended pellets

Blended pellets

Mix of different pellet types, to provide an excellent combination of their respective properties in terms of adsorption, absorption and chemisorption. Blended pellets are used for the filtration of gaseous contaminants, covering acidic gases and organic substances.

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Filter elements for Gas Phase Filtration

Reliable protection against corrosion

Filter elements can be supplied pre-filled or refilled with chemcial media. The design of your system will determine which size of  element you require. As with most of Viledon products, our filter elements offer excellent airflow performance with low pressure drop.

Systems for Gas Phase Filtration

Energy-efficient system solutions for enhanced corrosion control

Our ability to design and manufacture filtration systems to meet your precise needs is a key component in ensuring that you achieve maximum return on investment. Viledon filtration systems are designed for both gaseous and particulate removal from supply air, protecting internal components from corrosive contaminants.

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Harmful gas control taken a step further 

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