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Original Equipment Manufacturing

Develop air treatment solutions with the inventor of the automobile cabin air filter.
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Original Equipment Service

Take advantage of sales potential with cabin air filters. You can rely on our support.
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Independent Aftermarket

Sell high-quality replacement parts in original equipment quality for clean air.

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micronAir Gas Shield

The new protection level against gases and odors

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More than 30 years of micronAir cabin air filters

Strong super heroes for all of us

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New ideas for air design in cars
Innovation partner to the automotive industry

New ideas for air design in cars

We are the leading development partner of premium cabin air filters. With our years of expertise, we have the ideal foundation for producing filter media of the highest quality.
micronAir cabin air filters
From idea to success story

How micronAir cabin air filters took over the automotive world

These days, practically every car in the world has a cabin air filter as a standard feature. In times of high fine dust counts and smog, it is hard to imagine that just a few years ago this wasn’t the case. A trip through time.
Freudenberg Filtration Technologies employees discussing quality of produced cabin air filter
From inquiry to delivery

The creation of a micronAir Premium cabin air filter

What does the development of an individual filter actually look like? What happens between the initial inquiry and installation in the vehicle? We offer you an exclusive look.
Automotive Filtration Insight

All our top automotive filtration news and features in a convenient online format. Enjoy reading.

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micronAir cabin air filters


The majority of all new vehicles are equipped with micronAir cabin air filters. As the inventor of the nonwoven technology and the cabin air filter, we have been developing high-quality air filter solutions for several decades.

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micronAir cabin air filter product group

Cabin air filters

micronAir cabin air filters offer reliable and long-lasting protection.

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Engine intake air filters

Engine intake air filters

Clean air for maximum performance and lower CO2 emissions.

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Fuel cell filters

Fuel cell filters

Clean air for reliable processes and a long service life.

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Fuel cell humidifiers

Fuel cell humidifiers

Reliable membrane moistening for efficient fuel cell drives.

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