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Problematic dusts arise throughout a wide range of industrial processes. Many of these are toxic or explosive and are harmful to people and the environment. As a longstanding partner to industry, we are ideally informed of the specific industry requirements and production processes and can ensure the protection of your processes and employees with a dust removal solution customized for your situation.

Competence areas under focus

Steel, Metal and Foundries

Viledon dust removal elements are used in a wide range of process steps. For extraction of scale, flame-cutting dust and laser-cutting smoke, sinTexx Plus filter cartridges are choice number one thanks to their media advantages. In extraction from transferring processes as well as hot and cold rolling mills, for continuous casting and slabbing mills or even foundry sand recycling and cleaning processes, NEXX filter bags exhibit consistently high performance and low emissions.

Wood Processing Industry

In the wood processing industry, dust and chips must be extracted to provide clean, dust-free air at the workplace. Wood dust can cause serious health issues and in addition, wood dust is combustible and highly explosive. Viledon filter cartridges and filter bags with BGIA-certified filter media contribute to effective extraction at machines, systems and workstations and impress with very high abrasion resistance and long lifetimes.

Chemical Industry, Pigments

To achieve the best painting results, the pigment industry aims to manufacture pigments with the smallest possible particle diameters and to build a suitable dust cake for surface filtration. The filter medium must therefore offer a finely porous and fibrous surface. Viledon NEXX filter bags satisfy this requirement and are also produced without silicone, meaning they are also suited for product recovery of powder coating pigments used in the automotive industry.

Cement Industry

Very high dust emissions result from the production of cement. The main emission sources for this are preparation of the raw materials and fuels, the clinkering process and the cement grinding. The lightweight Viledon NEXX filter bags offer tremendous advantages in this application compared with needled felts with support fabrics and high weights per unit area. They are stable and can handle stress, they last significantly longer and reduce the energy costs for the user.

The right solution for each and every requirement

The filter medium matters

Specially developed for the diverse requirements of dust removal and emission protection, high-performance filter media provide unique properties for optimal air purity at your plant. From fiber to finished filter, our manufacturing processes ensure consistently high product quality.

The analysis of the process requirements, including the nature of the dust arising there, is a major success factor in our concepts. After an analysis of the current situation, we individually select the suitable filter medium and the right dust removal element, which can vary in shape, nominal diameter and pleat geometry. We also provide support on technical aspects of the system design. In our laboratories, we put dust under the microscope and conduct damage analyses. In this way, we develop solutions that can overcome even the most difficult dust removal problem.

sinTexx Plus filter cartridge

sinTexx Plus

Corrugated polyester filter media with nanofiber layer achieve optimum values for removing dust from fine smoke produced in welding, cutting and coating processes as well as for particularly difficult-to-handle dusts.

Compared with the performance of conventional polyester media or ePTFE membrane media, filter cartridges with sinTexx Plus have clear advantages and will improve the energy balance of your systems.

NEXX of Evolon

The sustainable media alternative, used in Viledon filter bags. For lastingly low emissions, reduced energy costs and made from 100% recycled polyester. Viledon NEXX media offer outstanding properties compared with typical needled felt media: 50% lighter than needled felt, making it easier to handle for cleaning and installation. With original Evolon technology.

EVOLON Technology

For you as a user, dust removal with Viledon filters means


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ATEX for Dust Removal Maximum safety in potentially explosive atmospheres
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Viledon sinTexx Plus filter cartridges

Highest efficiency against smoke and finest dusts


Viledon NEXX filter bags

Maximum performance with increased lifetime


Constantly high filtration efficiency

with Viledon SinTexx Plus filter cartridges


Shipyard laser cutting fume extraction

with Viledon SinTexx Plus filter cartridges


Magnesium treatment in a foundry

with Viledon NEXX filter bags


Extraction of smelting furnace fumes in smelter plant

with Viledon NEXX filter bags


Intake air filtration at a ferrochrome production plant

with Viledon Compact pocket filter T60


Dust loading test in the air filtration system of a sintering plant

with Viledon Compact pocket filter F50

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