Services for Gas Phase Filtration

Corrosion measurement as a perfect addition for your individual solution

Our Gas Phase service portfolio provides you the perfect complement to your filtration system. From planning your individual filtration solution to a comprehensive corrosion monitoring and filter managament, we can offer you selected services tailored to your needs.  

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Corrosion measurement of the environment

Per standard ISA-S71.04, “reactivity monitoring" provides a quantitative measure of the overall corrosion potential of an environment. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies offers corrosion monitoring in 2 options, passive and online:

Passive corrosion measurement

Passive monitoring

ChemDetect Coupons

Specially prepared copper and silver coupons are exposed in the operating environemnt for 30 days, and then analyzed in our laboratory by coulometric reduction. A report is provided showing the G-class corrosivity level per ISA-S71.04 standard.
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Realtime corrosion monitoring

Online monitoring


Copper and silver electronic sensors monitor the environment in real time, providing corrosivity levels and charts by the minute, allowing the user to react immediately in case of a rising corrosivity level in the room. 

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Chemical media testing

Different laboratory methods allow us to calculate the remaining lifetime of alumina based pellets, which is critical to identify the right time to replace the media. ​Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has multiple laboratories worldwide which offer:​

Remaining Lifetime Analysis (RLA): A small pellets sample is collected from the Gas Phase System operating in the field and sent to our laboratory for analysis. A report is then showing the remaining lifetime in percentage and moisture content. ​

Recurrent sample analysis and corrosion measurement are recommended, as gases and concentrations typically vary during the course of the year.

Personalized Filter Calculation with ChemGuide

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Viledon filterCair Service

Comprehensive gas phase filtration service for maximum performance

Improve the performance and efficiency of your Gas Phase Filtration with the sophisticated Viledon filterCair air quality consulting system.

Your benefits: Reliable corrosion and odor protection with customizable packages – consisting of a comprehensive filter selection plus services and warranties at guaranteed fixed costs. Let us help you implement a high-performance and environmentally friendly system solution for your Gas Phase Filtration to achieve a long-term reduction in your operating costs.

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Gas phase filtration service

Your available Viledon filterCair Service options

Corrosion measurement BASIC package

BASIC package

Scope of services:

  • Site survey, report of current situation and initial recommendations
  • Room inspection, environmental corrosivity measurement (coupons)​
  • Remaining lifetime analysis of chemical filters​
  • Pressure drop analysis at the equipment’s filtration stages

COMPLETE package

Scope of services:

  • All benefits of the BASIC package included
  • Delivery of gas phase and particulate filters​
  • Pellets and filters replacement, scheduling and service​
  • Disposal of used pellets​
  • Online monitoring service including corrosivity, temperature, relative humidity and room’s pressure
  • Key Performance Indicators​
  • Recommendation of optimal filtration system, including retrofit and new equipment​
Corrosion measurement PREMIUM package