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The term corrosion describes the electrochemical oxidation of metals which causes damage by producing oxides and salts on surfaces. This undesirable reaction is caused by specific corrosive gases, which evolve in certain manufacturing and chemical processes.
Corrosion protection is essential as conductivity and its resistance change in the affected electrical borads and electronic circuits. This results into malfunctions, failures or damages of equipment. The consequences can be reduced process efficiency, additional maintenance expenses, costly repairs and unplanned downtimes.
Lower your operating costs by protecting all sensitive areas of your process against contaminant gases and corrosive processes.

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Occurance of hazardous gases in the manufacturing sector

Even though the problem of corrosion is nearly the same, the source of it varies from industry to industry, requiring individual corrosion control. High relative humidity (> 50% rh) and high temperatures (>25 ºC / 78 ºF) can increase the corrosivity of contaminant gases. A distinction is made between acidic gases (H2S, SO2, SO3, NOx, Cl2, ClO2, HF), alkaline gases (NH3 )and oxidizing gases (O3). These gases typically affect server rooms, control rooms, motor control centers (MCC), electric substations, air compressors and offices.

Corrosion level monitoring

How a corrosive environment is identified

ANSI/ISA-S71.04-2013 is the most common standard used globally for classifying the corrosion severity in electronic and electrical equipment into four levels (G1, G2, G3 and GX). To identify which level of severity occurs, copper and silver metal stripes (coupons) are exposed to the environment for 30 days, which will develop a film of salts and/or oxides. The corrosion potential is measured by film thickness, film chemistry and/or weight gain. A G-class is then assigned based on the table.

To always have an overview of the severity level on site we are offering passive monitoring (Viledon Coupons) or online monitoring (Chemwatch) systems.

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