Greater protection of health and more energy

Innovative air treatment solutions for fully electric vehicles

The vehicle air quality requirements of drivers and passengers are increasing: Individual filtration concepts that are aligned with the ambient conditions should ensure optimal air quality at all times. Fully electric vehicles offer great opportunities for new solutions that protect the health of the passengers and at the same time save valuable battery power.

Air quality redefined

Awareness of personal health is on the rise. In consideration of risks such as fine dust exposure, elevated emission values, spores and allergens, high-performance cabin air filters are receiving increasing attention. Even if the number of fully electric cars on the roads increases in the future, the dangers of air pollution and microorganisms will remain relevant. This makes the air quality in the car an important differentiating feature at the time of purchase. Together with our partners in the automotive industry, we develop individual filtration concepts that ensure optimal breathing air and significantly greater comfort in the cabin. 

cabin air filter for eMobility

More room for health

Electric motors require up to 75 percent less space than typical combustion engines. Especially in classic vehicle models, this opens up spaces that can now be used for other features. Automobile manufacturers now have the freedom to integrate entirely new air design concepts into their vehicles. Larger, multi-stage solutions offer the potential for even better air in the vehicle cabin. In addition, multi-stage systems can be flexibly adapted to the special conditions of the ambient air or to individual requirements of the user. The result: A more comfortable driving experience with maximum protection of health.

eMobility Room for health

“We work closely with our customers on individual solutions. Because air conditions vary from region to region, locally oriented filters are the key to success. ” Ulrich Stahl, Director Application Engineering Automotive Filter Europe

Saving energy with air circulation concepts

If an air-conditioner runs in circulation mode, it needs about 15 percent less energy than if only cooling fresh air. New filtration concepts reduce the energy consumption for air filtration in electric cars. With elements developed specially for circulating air, the circulation mode can be significantly extended while maintaining the same high air quality. This offers a convenient place to save energy that can be used in other systems.

Saving energy with air circulation concepts

New approach: Individual air filtration

Car sharing is not just a growing market, it is also developing into a new megatrend in the area of mobility. Already by 2020, ten percent of all trips will be taken via car-sharing services. New filtration concepts that take into account the individual needs of the users can make the difference here and offer increased travel comfort. For example, if an allergy sufferer rides in a car-sharing vehicle, a HEPA element could be flexibly engaged, or even a bioactive filter that reliably denatures the allergens. This approach offers ideal protection for every user.

 Individual air filtration for the Automotive industry

Shaping the future of air treatment together

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies is the leading partner of the automotive industry in air treatment for the vehicle cabin. Would you like to create true added value for your customers with innovative cabin air filters? Then talk with us! We will work closely with you to develop an individual filtration concept for your planned vehicle models. We support you in equipping your vehicles with systems for optimal air quality and energy utilization. In this way, we help to shape the future of mobility.