High demands on oil, urea and fuel filtration

Viledon pluratexx filter media fulfill the various requirements of the hydraulic and automotive industry and assure the perfect combination of hygiene, efficiency and diversity. You can rely on optimal performance and consistent, certified quality.

Viledon pluratexx

Innovative filter media for maximun performance

  •  ensure high wet strength
  •  can be assembled individually
  •  guarantee long lifetime and high cost effectiveness

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies’ standard pluratexx portfolio is tested in accordance with ISO 16889 or ISO 4548-12, depending on the application.

Zuverlässiger Schutz für SCR-Systeme

SCR systems

In modern (commercial) vehicles, SCR (selective catalytic reduction) systems are becoming increasingly important for the reduction of pollutant emissions. Nitrogen oxides are converted into nitrogen and water by adding a urea / water solution to the exhaust system. Urea filters prepare the urea / water solution to protect the SCR systems, in particular the injection pumps. Our filter media have extremely high thermal stability and demonstrate high resistance and durability in long-term freezing-cycle testing. Our jetSpin nonwovens provide high filter efficiency and dust loading capacity for small filtering areas, according to the complex design of SCR systems.
Hydraulische Anlagen und Motoren

Hydraulic equipment and engines

Clean oil has a positive influence on the wear of hydraulic equipment and engine lifespan. Pluratexx nonwovens are a real quantum leap compared to paper and glass fiber media. This is due to the innovative structure of the 100 % thermally bonded polyester fibers. This new material structure guarantees high arrestance efficiency and high dust loading capacity at a low flow pressure drop. The filter can be assembled with smaller dimensions, but with the same service life, which saves weight and space.

Combustion engines

A powerful filter is crucial for the efficiency and reliability of combustion engines. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies offers synthetic media made from nonwovens that meet the high demands of modern common-rail-injection systems and bio-diesel: high filter efficiency and dust loading capacity, chemical resistance and water separation to protect the injection systems.

Benefit from our specialized expertise in oil, urea and fuel filtration

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