Making sure that membranes keep their promises

In many cases, membranes require mechanical reinforcement. Only in this way can they withstand the physical stresses of production, processing and application. Freudenberg provides a large range of nonwovens for this need, some of which are individually developed, which have proven themselves for many years as excellent support and drainage media. Every application makes different demands on a nonwoven fabric. Our global know-how and our many years of experience are the basis for creating tailor-made solutions at your site. Our expertise and high quality standards ensure maximum safety in sensitive applications. You can rely on optimal performance and consistent certified quality.

Viledon novatexx stability guaranteed

Stability guaranteed

Novatexx nonwovens are available in various polymers and thus impart membranes with the necessary stability. Whether polyester or polyolefin, the right material is determined by the chemical and physical conditions of the respective application. Legal guidelines, as for example in the food industry, are of central importance for the selection of raw materials.

The novatexx portfolio includes very thin nonwovens used in the manufacture of integrally reinforced membranes. The use of bi-component fibers also enables lamination with non-reinforced membranes, such as PTFE-based.

Flat membrane – a perfect connection

Flat membranes for microfiltration, ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis are used in various modular forms: in spiral wound, plate or cassette modules, as well as in the form of die cuts.
The membranes are generally so thin and delicate that they can only be produced by directly coating the surface of a substrate. This substrate gives the membrane the necessary strength, from the production process to final application. To produce flawless, high-performance membranes, carrier nonwovens need to have a high degree of uniformity in terms of thickness, porosity and surface properties. In addition, very good fiber integration is necessary to reduce membrane defects.

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Viledon novatexx flat membrane

Tubular membrane – only strong as a duo

In the production of tubular membranes, a narrow strip of the support material (nonwoven fabric) is wound into a pipe in a continuous process, ultrasonically welded and coated with the membrane solution. This process and the conditions of use (in particular maximum operating pressure and temperature) require nonwovens with high longitudinal and transverse strength, rigidity and good weldability.
The novatexx program for tubular membranes includes polyester and polyolefin nonwovens with different weights per unit area and different surface structures, which assume the strength or membrane-carrier functions. These non-wovens are complemented by variants with adhesive material, which serve as hot-melt adhesives during lamination with another membrane carrier.

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Viledon novatexx tubular membrane

Pleated filter cartridge – each pleat counts

Filter catridges with pleated membranes can only deliver maximum performance if the entire filter surface can actually be used.
This is the task of novatexx spun-bonded nonwovens. They act as “spacers” between the pleats on the upstream side and as a drainage layer on the clean side. The performance profile of the media can be very specifically adapted – for example in terms of weight per unit area, thickness or permeability. In addition, these nonwovens can be easily pleated with the membrane, without damaging it, and then assembled into filters. Freudenberg uses only high-quality raw materials. As a result, novatexx filter media meet all applicable safety requirements for use in the food, medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

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Viledon novatexx pleated filter catridge

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A strong duo

Viledon novatexx for membranes and filter cartridges