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25 years of Viledon filterCair air quality management

Air filters are indispensable in many areas of our lives. They ensure that food and beverages are produced in a hygienic environment, prevent damage and downtime in power plants, and protect data in data centers by reducing corrosion. Filters ensure health and safety in our everyday and our working lives. Frequently, the smallest details make the difference. When it comes to taking a closer look, experience and expertise are vital. But who is responsible for looking after the filter systems and the operation of installations? For 25 years, Viledon filterCair experts have been on site with customers, developing customized solutions for a wide spectrum of industries.

Today, it is hard to imagine a world without filtration. Who would protect us from hazardous dust explosions in production environments? Who would provide hygienically clean air in hospitals, which is essential for the health of hundreds of patients? Freudenberg Filtration Technologies develops solutions to make processes safer, more efficient and more effective. An optimal air filtration system is a powerful tool for reducing operating costs and improving an organization’s long-term energy balance. All these are reasons to give filters the recognition they deserve.

Viledon filterCair ensures that processes run smoothly, safely and reliably, and ultimately also optimizes plant efficiency and availability. The air quality management provided is delivered as a complete package consisting of a comprehensive filter program plus customized services and analyses. Our experts identify optimization potential and provide detailed recommendations for maintaining and improving air quality.

Viledon filterCair modules

Individual service for individual customers

The services provided by Viledon filterCair are available as modules and can therefore be individually combined with a high degree of flexibility. In industrial painting, for example, we provide the modules Paint Defect Analysis or Operating Materials Analysis. In the field of industrial dust extraction, leakage tests and workplace analyses are offered, and in the field of food and beverages, we offer cleanroom classification and hygiene monitoring, as well as many other packages.

At Viledon filterCair, these modular service solutions can be combined to meet the individual requirements of every customer and every industry. One good example is provided by a German food manufacturer. Due to its broad range of sausage and meat products, as well as vegetarian and vegan product lines, the company makes a strict distinction between the individual product categories. This also applies to indoor air treatment. Quality and hygiene are given top priority throughout the entire production process.

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies developed a tailor-made service package for the company to monitor and continuously improve the existing air quality management system, streamline processes and meet its strict hygiene requirements. This package includes the coordination of filter changeover and installation, monitoring of supply and recirculation air systems, hygiene inspections and controls, on-site technical support and audit-compliant documentation. Customer satisfaction analyses and energy efficiency consulting are also part of the service. Ultimately, the use of a multi-stage filter system consisting of pocket and cassette filters proved effective. The result has been a three-fold increase in filter service life, active prevention of downtime and long-term energy savings.

Correct filter management is also important in industrial dust extraction. Improperly selected filters can impair the extraction performance of a dust collection system, while insufficient maintenance can even lead to failure – in some cases with devastating consequences. Risks can include health-endangering dusts no longer being separated correctly, or emission limits exceeded. This endangers the protection of both employees and the environment. Viledon filterCair identifies the causes, such as the filter material used or the cleaning parameters, checks for possible leaks and designs appropriate individual filter concepts.

In the course of customer cooperation, Viledon filterCair relies on a winning formula: looking extremely closely at systems and identifying, controlling and eliminating weak points before they lead to problems. Since its introduction in 1995, this modular-structured air quality management system has been used in a wide variety of industries. Over the last 25 years, this has enabled Freudenberg Filtration Technologies to build up an enormous knowledge base in the management of filter systems. This is reflected in an increasing number of analysis and measurement options, such as hygiene inspections in accordance with VDI 6022, gravimetric measurements or water sample analyses in accordance with the German 42nd Federal Emission Control Act for wet scrubbing in paint shops. To date, this extensive expertise has helped customers from a wide range of industries to develop their ideal filter concepts – from automotive suppliers, machine and aircraft manufacturers, hospitals and hotels to dairies and spice manufacturers.