Certified Safety

Comprehensive ATEX product portfolio for explosion-endangered areas

The EU directive ATEX 2014 / 34 / EU regulates the use of equipment and protective systems in explosion-endangered areas. This also applies to air filters and filter elements.

The aim of the directive is to provide the best possible protection for all those who work in environments with an elevated risk of explosion. Only products that meet defined electrostatic properties and have been inspected by an independent testing institute are approved for use in these areas.

Individual item testing for maximum safety
We offer a wide range of products for ATEX systems, from filter mats to pocket and cassette filters to edrizzi® paint mist separators. All ATEX versions are regularly tested by DEKRA according to EN 60079-32-2:15 and DIN EN54345-1. In addition, each conductive filter element is subjected to an individual test at our factory. Our goal is to achieve maximum operational reliability.

Detailed information on our ATEX-certified filtration products