Intelligent filter cleaning with Freudenberg PulseWatch

The latest control technology for maximum efficiency

With surface filters such as filter cartridges or bags, the dust cake that forms on the surface must be regularly removed. This cleaning is usually carried out using compressed air: either at fixed intervals or – better still – based on the differential pressure when pre-defined threshold values are reached. Freudenberg PulseWatch is the first pulse-jet cleaning control system to fully automatically adapt these cleaning thresholds to the ageing of the filter element and the associated differential pressure development. Permanent monitoring of the differential pressure, combined with intelligent control of the cleaning parameters and intervals, provides operators of dust removal systems with considerable efficiency and cost advantages.

The efficient separation of problematic or health-endangering dusts in industrial production protects people and systems and optimizes work processes. "By intelligently adjusting the cleaning parameters, PulseWatch ensures the optimum performance of a dust removal system at all times. The cleaning thresholds are always automatically adjusted to the current condition of the filter elements", explained Claus Feinauer, Market Segment Manager Air Pollution Control at Freudenberg Filtration Technologies. Geared to real-time requirements, this intelligent control of the cleaning cycles prevents both clogging of the filter and the resulting energy-intensive continuous cleaning using compressed air.

The advantages for plant operators are clear: maintenance and upkeep costs are reduced and the service life of the filter elements increases. As a consequence, significantly longer service life and availability boost the efficiency and productivity of the dust removal system. In addition, the reduced consumption of compressed air and the lower fan output actively drive down energy requirements and costs. Finally, Freudenberg PulseWatch enables measurement data to be evaluated so that conclusions can be drawn for sustainable process improvements.

"Freudenberg PulseWatch is designed for the toughest industrial environments", Feinauer observed. Whether in metal processing and coating, in the steel, cement, pharmaceutical or food industries – the compact and convenient control unit can be universally deployed. Start settings, measuring intervals and alarm thresholds can all be individually determined for each application via the user-friendly color touch screen.

"Our aim is to offer our customers not only high-performance filter media that we develop and produce ourselves, but also comprehensive solutions for optimized dust removal processes with maximum efficiency. Freudenberg PulseWatch is an important building block in this respect", Feinauer concluded.

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