Viledon NEXX filter bags are more sustainable
than ever before

Polyester made from 100 percent recycled PET bottles conserves resources and reduces CO2

Good news for the environment. As of now, the polyester in Viledon NEXX filter bags is obtained 100 percent from recycled material – specifically from old PET bottles.

Wherever there is a lot of dust, Viledon NEXX filter bags are the perfect choice. In the processing of sugar, plastics and chemical products, they offer a permanently high filtration performance. But Viledon NEXX filter bags are also a reliable solution for dust filtration in steel mills, foundries and surface treatment processes.

NEXX filter bags

Why Viledon NEXX filter bags are now twice as good for the environment
They are far lighter and more efficient than other solutions or materials, last significantly longer, are much more economical and impress with their outstanding emission values. This alone conserves resources and reduces CO2 emissions. By making use of existing polyester, the environmental impact is reduced even further. This spares the environment from many energetically complex production steps that would otherwise be involved in the manufacture of polyester.

Sustainability as part of our corporate identity
We are convinced that there is no alternative to ecologically sound business practices. Our mission is to shape the future sustainably through efficient, increasingly digitized processes, resource-efficient products and sophisticated services. Acting responsibly for people, society and the natural basis of life.

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