Energy saving potential in a pharmaceutical company

Case Study


Two different filter configurations for an air handling unit (AHU) of 19,200 m³/h were compared in an Austrian pharmaceutical company. Each configuration consisted of two filter units including pocket filters.


The energy consumption of the AHU for both filter configurations was determined by means of energy monitoring equipment (eTracker) and adequate site monitoring software. 


The investigations took place in April / May 2007. During this period, the volume flow of the AHU was held constant using a variable frequency converter. After the first measuring period, the existing glass fibre pocket filters were replaced by Viledon Compact pocket filters. This enabled the testing of optimal filter configuration with regard to filtration efficiency and energy consumption, under the given test conditions. Energy consumption was recorded using the above mentioned eTracker and site monitoring software provided by our Viledon team.


The measured data proved that, due to lower filter pressure drop throughout the entire operation, energy savings of 9.2 % were obtained by replacing the existing filter systems by our Viledon filter pockets F 50/ T 90.

This case study demonstrates the potential of yearly energy savings by simply replacing the filter systems in an existing AHU. No additional investment is required.