ODM - Original Design Manufacturing

Make your idea a reality

Do you want the air purification or water treatment products you are planning to boost your competitive advantage? Do you want to increase brand penetration in more markets? Are you struggling to introduce more innovative technologies? We can help you.

ODM benefits and process

With global R&D and design consulting, complete supply chain management and dust-free production, we offer you one-stop design and manufacturing services. Depending on your needs and product ideas, we provide original filter elements, product development, design, manufacturing, testing services and after-sales maintenance. Make your product more competitive with us and enjoy our wide range of ODM services for:

  • air purifiers and fresh air systems
  • domestic water purification machines and filter cores
  • air purification and water filtration applications in various home appliances and office equipment

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Mature ODM development process

Working closely with you gives us exceptional insights that help us meet your challenges. Get the air/water filtration and purification product that's best for you, according to your country's standards and regulations.

Mature ODM development process

Testing and analysis

Use our R&D and testing capability worldwide

We have powerful R&D and testing capabilities worldwide, which reduces technical risks and improves your market accuracy. In addition, our market research system and multi-channel innovation collaboration enable us to respond quickly to market needs and help you adapt your product plans in a timely manner.

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Testing and analysis

Original equipment

Original equipment

Your reliable supplier for original parts

With advanced production equipment, mature processes, extensive experience in production management as well as in technical support, we provide you with reliable and efficient OEM services. Benefit from our OEM sample manufacturing to ensure your product design can be verified quickly and effectively.

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Explore our living products & solutions

Indoor air treatment

Indoor Air Treatment

Customized air filtration solutions that provide reliable protection for indoor living areas.
Home appliances

Home Appliances

Comprehensive filtration applications for improved performance.
Water purification

Water Purification

We provide professional solutions for various levels of water quality.
Office equipment

Office Equipment

Particle filters and gas filters for office devices.