Development and product design

Together we realize your project

We are your filter expert for individual projects for indoor air and water treatment. We support you in the introduction of innovative technologies and increase your brand awareness. Together we develop the best filter solution for your application.

Make your idea a reality

Our original design manufacturing teams will assist you in the development and manufacture of your product. Depending on your needs and product ideas, we offer original filter elements, product development, design consulting, sample manufacturing and testing services. Realize your project and use our scientific and innovation leading solutions for:

ODM Project Management - Realizing your ideas together
  • Air purifiers, fresh air systems and humidifiers
  • Household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, exhaust hoods or air conditioners
  • Water purifiers and various water filtration applications
  • Office equipment such as paper shredders, beamers or printers
  • Numerous other air purification and water treatment applications

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Mature development process

Working closely with you gives us exceptional insights that help us meet your challenges. Our professional and global research and development team provides independent product design and complete project development according to your requirements. We will develop your optimal air and water filtration product, according to national and international standards and regulations. You benefit from our 60 years of project management experience and global presence. Get the air/water filtration and purification product that's best for you.

Mature ODM development process

Testing and analysis

Use our global R&D and testing capability

We have research, development and testing capabilities around the world. Test your filter element or end product to meet national or international standards.

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Testing and analysis

Original equipment

Original equipment

Your reliable filter supplier

With advanced production equipment, mature processes, extensive experience in production management as well as in technical support, we provide you with reliable and efficient OEM services.

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Your World of Living

Filter products and solutions

Indoor air treatment

Indoor Air Treatment

Customized air filtration solutions that provide reliable protection for indoor living areas.
Home appliances

Home Appliances

Comprehensive filtration applications for improved performance.
Water purification

Water Purification

We provide professional solutions for various levels of water quality.
Office equipment

Office Equipment

Particle filters and gas filters for office devices.