Superior filtration solutions to improve the quality of life

What drives us

We cannot eliminate the causes of air and water pollution. But we can make a small contribution to making the world more livable: With clean air and pure water. With the help of innovative filtration solutions for greater quality of life.

We, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, take action wherever pure air and clean water are urgently needed. Helping our customers provide both of these gives us a good feeling. It makes us proud to support our customers with sustainable solutions. This drives us to renew our efforts every day.

We help protect people with clean air and clean water. We harness the protective power of filters for the well-being of all. And we help clear the way for companies to operate more efficiently and to grow their business.

To achieve this goal, we give our best: our experience and our competence. Our mission is clean air and clean water – wherever it benefits people, wherever industrial processes can be made more efficient and sustainable.

We are ambitious, in fact very ambitious. We wish to go beyond the minimum requirements to set new standards. We are active in many associations and standardization bodies in order to help move the standards forward. We want to be an innovation and technology leader.

    Our company mission:
    “We provide superior filtration solutions to improve the quality of life”

    “The requirements for air purity continue to rise. This is due to increasingly sophisticated and sensitive processes in industry, more stringent environmental legislation and the rising awareness of comfort and health.” Antje Klink, Global Vice President Industrial Filtration

    Successful filtration does not just happen, it takes very specific efforts. This calls for competence and quality. We help our customers improve their environmental footprint by improving energy-efficient solutions and lowering their carbon dioxide emissions. We do this by: Reducing dust emissions to protect the environment, treating waste water, avoiding waste, optimizing processes, saving energy.