Energy Consumption is Visible

Air filtration products offer a significant resistance to airflow due to the density and composition of the media and the design of the product.  Products may appear to be similar; however, their energy losses over an operating cycle may greatly vary. 


You can utilize the progressive formulas below to evaluate energy requirements and cost for comparison of different filter products under identical operating parameters specifically for HVAC filters.


  • Average Pressure Drop (over the life of the filter):

      Initial Static Pressure (W.C.) + Final Static Pressure (W.C.) x .5 =Average Static Pressure Drop (W.C.) 

  • Required Horsepower:

      Average Flow Rate (cfm) x Average Static Pressure Drop (W.C) = Total Horsepower

  • Energy Consumption:

      Total Horsepower x Hours of Operation x 0.746 kW/HP = Kilowatt Hours (kWh)

  • Energy Cost:

      kWh x Cost of Electrical Power (in USD/kWh) + kWh x Demand Charge (in USD) = Estimated Cost of Operation

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