Odor Filters for Clean Air

Innovative solutions to eliminate industrial odor emissions

The presence of odor-intensive gasses from wastewater treatment or industrial and chemical processes must be controlled to prevent negative effects on the environment, health of workers, and protect sensitive electrical equipment. Most odorous gases are generated during the biological decomposition of organic materials or the production and use of nitrogen-containing fertilizers. The gases include sulfur- and nitrogen-containing compounds such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. Another group of odorous gases oft referred to as VOC arise during reaction processes or through the evaporation of solvents in the drying of adhesives or paints.

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Unpleasant Odors as a Risk for Industrial Companies

The issue of occupational health & safety plays a significant role outlying maximum exposure limits for employers to adhere to. Non-observance leads to poor working conditions, which often reduce productivity. Additionally, they can impact health, especially if they contain toxic or irritating substances.

However, it's not only employees who are exposed to the unpleasant consequences of odors. The harmful gases can also have health effects on nearby inhabitants and additionally pose a burden on the environment.

Corrosion due to malodorous gases

Various gases are usually responsible for unpleasant odors in industry, simultaneously promoting the electrochemical oxidation of metal by oxides and salts (corrosion). This can damage surfaces and components, leading to disruptions in equipment. Corrosion can be responsible for reduced production efficiency, expensive repairs, and unplanned downtime, among other issues. Therefore, odor control and the filtration of strong-smelling malodorous gases is essential to effectively reduce costs and ensure the smooth operation of the facility.

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How to eliminate odors in industry

Various solutions enable the elimination of unpleasant industrial odors to ensure the protection of employees, residents, and the environment. To achieve this, the responsible gases must be removed from the air, which can be accomplished, for example, with chemical media such as activated carbon or activated aluminum impregnate pellets. Thanks to adsorption and chemisorption, they can help neutralize odor-intensive substances from the ambient air.

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For the removal of unpleasant odors from the air, pellets can be used either in the form of deep bed fillings or in special filter elements filled with chemical media. Robust plastic housings (Viledon ChemControl Module) are suitable for equipping systems for almost all applications. HM modules are best suited for lower gas concentration applications and areas where ease of maintenance is critical. They also have very low resistance, making them easy to integrate into existing systems.

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Individual filter solutions for clean air in the workplace

Molecular filtration reliably removes malodorous pollutants from the air. We would be happy to create an individual filter concept that meets your requirements. Explore our filter solutions for clean air in the workplace and simultaneously ensure the protection of your employees and facilities.

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