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Fully integrated and customized water filtration solutions

Effectively removal of fine dust, odor, residual chlorine, rust, heavy metals, more than 96% of ions in water, as well as up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

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In collaboration, we develop the best filtration solution for your specific requirements. Benefit from our in-house manufactured filter materials, our global technical resources and our 60 years of filtration expertise. Partner with us to design forward-looking solutions with custom-fit filters for water treatment in many areas, such as offices, sports facilities, schools and other public buildings, or private households.

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National and International standards

You will receive products that we manufacture in strict compliance with national and relevant industry labels. Our laboratories and testing centers around the world meet various standards and conduct different tests for water treatment:

  • GB 34914 Value of Water Efficiency and Water Efficiency Grades for Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Treatment Purifiers
  • NSF ANSI 42 Drinking Water Treatment Units -Aesthetic Effects
  • NSF ANSI 53 Drinking Water Treatment Units - Health Effects
  • NSF ANSI 401 Drinking Water Treatment Units - Emerging
  • GBT 30307 Household and Similar Drinking Water Treatment Equipment
  • GBT 30306 Household and Similar Drinking Water Treatment Filter Element
  • GBT 35937 Household and Similar Drinking Water Purifier Performance Test Method

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