Clean engine intake air, lower CO2 emissions

Combustion engines need clean air to maintain high performance. However, the ambient air in traffic situations contains many contaminants of natural (pollen, dust, sand, etc.) and industrial (soot, wear particles, emissions, etc.) origins. These can impair the combustion process and the sensor systems, leading to engine damage.

engine intake filters

Our filter concepts with synthetic materials for high performance engines offer solutions custom-tailored to your requirements. These include:

  • Optimal depth filtration with up to 150 percent longer service life and improved initial arrestance performance
  • Aging resistance and water shock resistance thanks to the use of fully synthetic materials
  • Improved fire behavior due to non-flammable materials
  • New processing capabilities thanks to thermoplastic concepts
  • Optimal system protection according to ISO 5011

Alongside the reliable filtration performance – separation of harmful particles and water – the synthetic nonwoven materials also open up numerous design options. This allows for optimal utilization of the available installation space in compliance with EU pedestrian protection guidelines.

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Capitalize on potential energy savings

Drivers feel the impact of rising oil prices every day at the pump. Gasoline is becoming increasingly expensive and the call for effective ideas to reduce fuel consumption is growing stronger. The Freudenberg Group has taken up the challenge of realizing energy-efficient concepts for the automotive industry. For instance, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has developed LESS, a unique and comprehensive seal-based solution for emissions reduction in passenger and utility vehicles. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies contributes to the effective reduction of CO2 emissions with fully synthetic micronAir engine intake air filters, helping to conserve valuable resources.

The underlying principle is simple and sustainable: The rising pressure losses of engine intake air filters lead to increased energy demand at the same output. As filter resistance rises due to dust deposits, the fuel consumption and thereby also the CO2 emissions increase. Typical filters exhibit disadvantageous resistance properties. micronAir is entirely different. Thanks to progressively designed high-performance filter media, our fully synthetic engine intake air filter has outstanding filtration properties and energy efficiency values.

micronAir engine intake air filters have a large dust holding capacity with simultaneously favorable pressure loss properties over their entire service life. This means:

  • The pressure difference increases only slowly
  • Pressure losses are significantly reduced
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • CO2 emissions are minimized

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