25 Years Viledon filterCair

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25 Years Viledon filterCair air quality consulting

For 25 years, we have been looking forward to working with our customers every day to make their plants and processes more efficient, safer and better. Thanks to you, the Viledon filterCair air quality consulting and management system has matured, is constantly evolving and supports you in achieving the highest quality standards.
In this spirit: for the next 25 years!

What is Viledon filterCair?

Filters + Service + Consulting

Viledon filterCair air quality consulting is a complete package consisting of a comprehensive filter program plus customized services and analyses plus warranties at guaranteed fixed costs. Viledon filterCair experts identify potential optimization opportunities and provide comprehensive air quality consulting for maintaining air quality in your process. In addition to individual service contracts we offer a wide range of module solutions that can be combined with each other.
With our modular solutions, we also address the very latest topics. One example of this is the Viledon filterCair virus testing program with the system check modules Covid-19 Basic and Covid-19 with hygiene monitoring VDI 6022.

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Viledon filterCair modules

Service in transition

Viledon filterCair air quality consulting services are as diverse as the industries and countries in which they are used. A journey through the last 25 years visualizes our transition towards international expertise in air quality consulting.

Facts and data about Viledon filterCair


Our first Viledon filterCair order in the automotive industry. Measurements of particles and air downdraughts in the paint plant and analysis of paint damage via microscope.


Hygiene inspections according to VDI 6022
become part of the portfolio.


New industries are being developed. The services meet the requirements of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries as well as sports accessories. Our service team grows significantly.


Services such as gravimetric measurements and thermography are added.


The Viledon filterCair team continues to grow. We offer consulting on explosion protection according to ATEX.


Viledon filterCair services are available as individual service packages - precisely tailored to the application and customer.
New in the portfolio: Flow visualizations.


New analysis options and measurement techniques: clean room testing in pharma and hospitals or emission value measurements.


Water sample analyses according to 42nd BImSchV
become part of the portfolio.


About 50 service technicians and contract managers are part of the worldwide Viledon filterCair air quality consulting team.


Pandemic times require new solutions:
effective containment of viruses and germs in ventilation systems with the service module "System Check Covid-19".


Energetic plant and building inspections

acc. to the German Building Energy Act (GEG)

Always active in various industries

Viledon filterCair service - industries

The Viledon filterCair benefits at a glance

  • Compliance with the highest quality and hygiene standards
  • Increased plant and process safety
  • Positive energy balance in the long term
  • Optimized production processes
  • Higher plant efficiency and availability
  • Audit-compliant documentation and reduced organisational effort
  • Customer-focused, innovative and individualized solutions

Discover the Viledon filter management system for your industry

The Viledon filterCair air quality consulting service is available for a variety of market segments and applications.
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