Pushing operational safety and efficiency to the max. With spiderMaxx.

spiderMaxx is a new cassette filter for multi-stage gas turbine and compressor air intake systems. It boasts unique design features and offers gas turbine users greater efficiency and operational dependability with premium, EPA-level filter performance.

It deals with almost any environmental requirements or load peak admirably, be it onshore, offshore, or wherever else static intake air filters need to deliver maximum performance over a long service life. Such efficiency is required of power plants supplying energy to light and heavy industry, the petrochemical industry and even megacities. spiderMaxx’s water-repellent filter media and water drainage channels ensure the filter is resistant to high humidity and adverse weather conditions, which in turn makes it suitable for marine applications.

Turbine users benefit from attention to detail.

High turbine efficiency and avoiding unplanned downtime are key factors in operating gas-fired power plants. In multi-stage filtration systems, spiderMaxx cassette filters provide optimum protection from particle ingress and moisture even at high volume flows. This prevents performance loss and malfunctions.
What are the characteristics of a very dimensionally stable and extremely mechanically stable filter? What are the key design features and what advantages do they offer turbine users? Click on the highlighted areas of the graphic to learn more about the advantages spiderMaxx offers.

Extremely stable frame concept

High dimensional stability + minimized risk of breakage ensures minimum downtime.

Perfect gasket sealing even at the filter corners

Near-zero leakage risk

Nature inspired burst protection grid

Maximum bending stiffness for maximum operational reliability

Aerodynamic guide vanes

Best-in-class pressure maintenance and fewer CO2 emissions
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Vertical pleat arrangement and water slopes for drainage

Smooth operation under full load and in adverse ambient conditions

Basic filter for the modular clip-on system

Fast, space-saving installation which allows 2-in1 filter solutions

Optimized aerodynamic design for best-in-class pressure drop reduction and lower CO2 emissions.

Special design details on the spiderMaxx such as the innovative guide vanes and open side walls promote increased utilization of space for air movement on the top and bottom sides. The air flow on the downstream side is specifically distributed to the width and possible dead zones behind the filter wall. This reduces the flow velocity and minimizes vortex formation in the flow-critical area.
Result: spiderMaxx filters achieve much lower pressure drops compared to conventional cassette filters.
Air velocity v1 (spiderMaxx) < air velocity v2 (conventional cassette filter).

[Translate to English (US):] spiderMaxx filters achieve much lower pressure drops compared to conventional cassette filters.

Better performance - fewer emissions. Contributing to greater sustainability.

spiderMaxx filters make a significant contribution to improving sustainability when used as part of a multi-stage filter system in turbomachinery intake air units. This intelligent design features aerodynamic guide vanes to ensure minimal flow resistance and reduced pressure drop. This leads to less CO2 emissions per megawatt hour and a reduced ecological footprint.

The following video gives you a 360-degree overview of spiderMaxx’s unique features. Take a look!

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