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Reliable protection with the EHEDG zone concept

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In food and beverage production, even minimal contaminant levels in the air can lead to contamination of the entire food production. The result: Reduced shelf life or even worse consequences. Producers utilize a zone concept in order to protect foods and beverages during every production process.

The zone concept classifies the individual production areas by their hygiene risk and specifies the hygiene level that must be achieved in each production step. The required purity level varies depending on the product being made and the stage of production.

Multi-stage filter systems from Freudenberg reliably filter particles and microorganisms from the air and have proven themselves ideal for compliance with the strict hygiene requirements.

Food & beverage production EHEDG zone concept

Understanding the zones

Depending on the hygiene requirements, the various zones of a production facility are categorized as follows.

High hygiene ( high risk) zone
The highest level of hygiene must be maintained in these enclosed areas for the processing and packaging of products. All dangers that could lead to food contamination or microbial growth must be effectively controlled or prevented.

Medium hygiene (high care) zone
The objective here is to directly control or reduce the potential sources of contaminants in order to protect food production from contamination.

Basic hygiene (low risk) zone
This includes, for instance, areas where the packaged foods are stored and which therefore require only a basic level of hygiene.

As a member of EHEDG, we develop and define standards intended to reduce and prevent hygiene problems in food production. In this way, we establish the basis for improved process efficiency in your plant.


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Als Mitglied von EHEDG erarbeiten und definieren wir Standards,

Satisfying the highest hygiene demands

100% audit compliant for food

In the food industry, a hygienic production environment is essential for smooth processes as well as compliance with statutory requirements. With controlled and monitored air quality (temperature, humidity and particle concentration), product contamination can be reliably minimized. In addition, the clean ambient air contributes to the protection and comfort of the employees. Take no chances: with filtration solutions that meet the highest requirements. Additional guidelines and standards also exist to ensure that the stringent hygiene requirements for the production processes of the food and beverage industry are met.

Clean rooms capable of achieving an extremely low particle concentration in the air are increasingly common in practice. For determining the purity level of a room, there are two established classification systems to choose from: EN ISO 14644-1 and the "Good Manufacturing Practice” guidelines (GMP).

There are also a number of important rules and standards in place to ensure that the stringent hygiene requirements on the production processes of the food and beverage industry are met.

HACCP Better protection for consumers

HACCP concept

Contaminated food is a danger to human health and, in the worst case, can even lead to a pandemic, such as the swine flu. The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points concept (HACCP) was developed to prevent this sort of dangers. This concept is used for risk analysis of critical control points in the production process and thereby contributes to increased food safety and consumer protection.


EHEDG Dok.47 Our dedication to the highest standards


The “European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group” (EHEDG) is a consortium of equipment manufacturers, food industries, experts in the food industry as well as research institutes and health authorities that offers assistance and guidance with regard to hygienically safe food production. As an EHEDG member, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies is committed to the highest standards in the food industry. The topic of air filtration is specifically addressed in EHEDG Doc. 47.

VDI 6022 Viledon air filters satisfy the requirements

VDI 6022

VDI Guidelines 6022 “hygiene requirements for ventilation and air-conditioning systems and units” defines clear specifications for the use in sensitive application areas, such as clean rooms. Viledon pocket and HEPA filters satisfy all VDI 6022 criteria without restrictions. The materials used offer no basis for bacterial or fungal growth and are moisture-resistant at up to 100% relative humidity. Prescribed hygiene monitoring and inspections are conducted by our filter experts on site directly with the customer.

ISO 14644-1 Classification of clean rooms

EN ISO 14644-1

For the production rooms, the purity levels of the air vary depending on foodstuff as stipulated in EN ISO 14644-1. This guideline classifies rooms according to their particle count per cubic meter (m³). For example, a clean room for food production must observe the limits for ISO Class 8. As confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute, the use of Viledon HEPA filters with a plastic frame is recommended up to ISO Class 2.


BRC global standards Our dedication to greater food safety

BRC Global Standard

BRC Global Standards defines clear requirements for food safety in the food industry, for food processing operations and companies that package open foods. The standardization of the quality, safety and operating criteria helps producers ensure faultless and safe product quality for consumers along the entire food chain. As a member of the BRC Partner Connection program, we are committed to maximum protection throughout the complete production process.

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Protecting the food we eat

Hygienic air filtration solutions for the food and beverage industry

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Viledon filters are food-safe

Our certificates document fulfillment of the regulations that apply to the respective filter tests. Request the certificate required for your application here.


Food-safe certificate Compact pocket filters


Food-safe certificate NEXX filter bags


Food-safe certificate MV NanoPleat cassette filters


Food-safe certificate filter cartridges


Food-safe certificate MaxiPleat cassette filters

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Construction of air handling units

Are you planning the modification or installation of a ventilation or environmental control system?

We support you with precise planning and customer-specific solutions

Only a ventilation system that is precisely tailored to your specific requirements can exploit the full potential in terms of hygiene performance and energy efficiency. This is why we support your modification or installation project with a comprehensive development and installation program that can be specially customized to your needs.

We individually plan and carry out any plant construction project in accordance with the respective process requirements for food production. This ensures that the air quality we supply meets the requirements of food manufacturing standards as required by your customer and relevant quality standards organization.

The engineering portfolio at a glance

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Viledon filterCair Service

Viledon filterCair: Customized air quality management

For greater safety in all production steps

Viledon filterCair is a filter management system uniquely customized to your needs to offer you the maximum benefits of high-quality Viledon air filters.

The individually assembled packages consist of a comprehensive filter selection plus services and warranties to guarantee the professional maintenance of your ventilation system and the filters installed. This ensures the optimum security of your ventilation system, preventing the build-up of moisture and contaminants, which can support bacterial and fungal growth and threaten the security of your production and packaging areas.

With Viledon filterCair, you receive a comprehensive spectrum of services for controlling the air purity: from routine inspections to a complete service and maintenance program for ventilation and dust removal systems.

Service and maintenance

  • Airflow mapping and over-pressurization solutions
  • Remedial AHU repair and upgrades
  • Ductwork installation and modifications
  • Air pollution equipment maintenance and servicing
  • Moisture removal and the control of condensation
  • Energy cost reductions and system optimization

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How efficient is your filtration system?

Find the optimal filter solution for your plant with e.FFECT based on ISO 16890

Standardized systems for supply air filtration are frequently inefficient and do not make full use of their potential for optimization. The more specifically filter systems are customized to the respective ambient conditions and plant requirements, the greater performance and reliability they achieve. Our experts work with you to develop the best filter solution for your plant on the basis of the testing standard ISO 16890. In the filter evaluation, typical urban and rural particle size distributions are considered based on the particulate matter fractions PM1, PM2,5 and PM10, and filter arrestance efficiencies are determined accordingly.

Our experts work with you to develop the best filter solution for your plant on the basis of the testing standard ISO 16890. In the filter evaluation, typical urban and rural particle size distributions are considered based on the particulate matter fractions PM1, PM2,5 and PM10, and filter arrestance efficiencies are determined accordingly.

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With e.FFECT, the electronic Freudenberg Filter Efficiency Calculation Tool, calculating the optimal filter solution is extremely simple. The local ambient conditions and specific process requirements enter directly into the calculation. Multi-stage filter systems can then be objectively compared. This simplifies the selection of the best filter concept for your needs.

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Food and Beverage Particle Size ISO16890 Exemplary particle classification to PM fractions for food and beverage

Benefit from an optimal filtration solution with e.FFECT

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Efficiency calculation with e.FFECT

Your path to the optimal filtration solution

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HEPA and ULPA filters

Safe air quality to meet the highest standards of sterility

HEPA and ULPA filters

Satisfy the highest requirements for clean air and sterility of filter classes E 10 to U15. Reliable protection against particles and microorganisms. The MiniPleat technology ensures a homogeneous media velocity for safe, economical operation.

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MaxiPleat cassette filters

High stability, dependability, economic efficiency

MaxiPleat cassette filters

The premium class in patented quality. Highly stable filter designs for the greatest possible operational dependability even under extreme loads. Water-repellent. Long service life, making them very economical.

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NanoPleat cassette filters

Extremely robust, water-repellent

NanoPleat cassette filters

Robust and extremely dependable in hygienic quality. With water-repelling hybrid synthetic nonwoven media (HSN) suitable for use in damp environments. Ideal for air-conditioning systems.

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MVP E² cassette filters

Long filter lifetime with the energy-efficiency plus

MVP E² cassette filters

For energy-efficient operation of ventilation systems.
The economical filter variant to lower energy consumption, minimize CO2 emissions and save costs.

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MVP cassette filters

Viledon quality for an optimal price-performance ratio

MVP cassette filters

Optimal price-performance ratio in the operation of ventilation systems plus simple and safe handling. MVP 95 filters achieve energy efficiency class A. Energy cost savings and reduced CO2 output.

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Compact pocket filters

High-performance, economical and energy-efficient

Compact pocket filters

Robust in sustained use, high operational dependability and reliability even in the face of extreme moisture and wet conditions. They enable the energy-efficient operation of air conditioning systems. This translates to energy cost savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

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Dust removal filters

Customized filter solutions for your dust removal requirement

Dust removal filters

Wide selection of appropriate dust removal elements, variable in terms of shape, overall height, nominal diameter and pleat geometry. For maximized performance.

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Honeycomb (HM) modules

Flexible and easy to use

Honeycomb (HM) modules

Reliable removal of contaminant gases from the supply or recirculating air. The modules are an assembly of Honeycomb (HM) media housed in either a plastic or metallic frame. Easy to install.

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