Velvety whiskey, clean water

When it comes to wastewater treatment, Glenmorangie relies on Viledon water solutions

Whiskey maker Glenmorangie produces more than 4 million liters of whiskey a year and sells it worldwide. With the innovative Aquabio technology from Viledon® Water Solutions, they successfully implemented a project for efficient wastewater treatment.

Glenmorangie has been distilling its famous single malt whiskey in Tain, Northern Scotland, since 1843. Before being sold, it is stored for at least ten, sometimes even 25 years. Long-term thinking is therefore deeply rooted in the company. This is one reason why the responsible use of resources and environmental protection play an important role. When purifying their wastewater, the company placed its trust in the knowledge and experience of Viledon® Water Solutions.

Using bacteria to combat impurities
The ideal solution was quickly found: an anaerobic membrane bioreactor was identified as the most suitable solution for the distillery. The so-called low-energy AnMBR LE™ purifies the wastewater by treating it and feeding it into a bioreactor. Bacteria then decompose the biomass. Subsequently, the water is separated from the biomass by an ultrafiltration tube membrane. The result is pure water treated in a cost-efficient manner. One plus point is that the biomass provides additional energy that can be used for production. This contributes to Glenmorangie achieving its ambitious sustainability goals.

Ideally positioned for the future
The membrane bioreactor can treat around 450 m³ of wastewater per day. At the same time, the plant runs completely automatically. Continuous monitoring means that changes can be reacted to immediately and water quality can be permanently ensured.

Phil Lynch, Business Development Manager Aquabio

“The system has a modular design. It can therefore be flexibly adapted to the respective requirements. Retrofitting to cope with higher capacities is effortless. This makes the plant extremely sustainable and economical. ” Phil Lynch, Business Development Manager at Aquabio