Watch, detect, control

Viledon ChemWatch: the online monitoring system for reliable protection against corrosion

Corrosion caused by harmful gases can cripple entire production processes. That is why clean air is essential in switchgear and control rooms in pulp and paper industry factories and in the petrochemical industry, for example. Viledon filter systems provide electronic components with effective protection against corrosion and ensure operational reliability. At the same time, the new Viledon ChemWatch online monitoring service provides the peace of mind that no harmful corrosive gases affect the sensitive devices – anytime, anywhere.

“From our first-class filtration solutions upwards, we offer our customers a comprehensive corrosion protection service package”, explained Dr. René Engelke, Market Segment Manager Gas Phase Filtration at Freudenberg Filtration Technologies. These services include the Viledon ChemWatch online monitoring system to support process control. Its task is to watch, detect and control, because only continuous monitoring can ensure optimum corrosion protection.

The Viledon ChemWatch online monitoring system provides precise corrosion measurements.

Safety at a glance

The monitoring system features “corrosion sensors” stretched right across its surface by means of sensor boards: one made of copper and one of silver. Corrosion changes electrical resistance, which is periodically measured on the boards and compared with a reference value. To ensure comprehensive all-round analysis, Viledon ChemWatch also detects room temperature, relative humidity and room pressure.

On a large color screen on the front of the unit, a line diagram shows at a glance whether the harmful gas concentration is in the “green zone” and how it has evolved over time. All information is incorporated in real time and stored for at least 18 months so that it can be easily traced and analyzed.

Dr. Engelke explained: “Viledon Chemwatch was developed by us in-house and is tailored to the needs of our customers. For example, they can choose to retrieve data via WLAN or set an individual alarm signal that sends a notification via email. In this way, our customers can recognize problems at any time and deal with them immediately. If required, they can always call on the support of our service technicians.”