Keeping the air quality in your meals ready-to-eat production up

Avoiding unplanned costly downtimes

A large majority of meals ready-to-eat (MREs) manufacturers are considered as critical industries. Not only in pandemic times they are challenged to maintain integrity of the food chain ensuring adequate and safe food supply for the consumers. That includes keeping all workers in the MRE production healthy and safe reinforcing personal hygiene measures and improving hygiene controls in the production process.

Six key aspects

Make sure that you observe six key aspects to ensuring a sufficient air quality in your production process:

  1. Maintain ventilation and air conditioning systems in a perfectly hygienic state, operating flawlessly.
  2. Provide as much ventilation of spaces with outdoor air as possible while reducing the share of recirculated air to a minimum, at best 0%.
  3. Control temperature and humidity with conditioned air, reducing the growth of microorganisms
  4. Use efficient air filtration systems to avoid air-borne contaminants, and where practical, use at least filter class H 13 according to EN 1822 which separate 99,95% of all contamination in the particle range relevant to the SARS-CoV-2 virus (80-160 nm).
  5. Follow the regularly installed rhythms for filter replacement and maintenance as well as duct cleaning procedures.
  6. During maintenance work operating workers shall respect all common protective measures including appropriate personal protective equipment. (cf. REHVA 2020; VDMA 2020 + 2021).
Safe for foodstuffs

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