More compatibility thanks to ISO 29461 for turbomachinery solutions

The ISO 29461 test standard defines fundamental guidelines for filter testing and evaluation for the intake air filtration of turbomachinery. The ISO 29461 standard is divided into three parts:

  • ISO 29461-1: Classification of static air filters based on the test standards ISO 16890 and ISO 29463 and their extension to include turbomachinery-specific criteria.
  • ISO 29461-2: Measurement method for quantifying the water separation capacity of air filters, including the increase in differential pressure when filters are soaked with water.
  • ISO 29461-3: Standardization of a so-called burst test including definition of criteria for "pass" / "fail".

ISO 29461-1

Part 1 of ISO 29461 provides a consistent and target group-oriented filter class system for static intake air filters.

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ISO 29461-2

ISO 29461-2 specifies the test standard for the evaluation of air filters that are exposed to water, for example due to high humidity, frequent rain, drizzle, fog or similar.

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ISO 29461-3

Part 3 of ISO 29461 standardizes the performance of a so-called burst test (mechanical integrity) and will be adopted in 2024.

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Towards a new classification of air filters for turbomachinery with the ISO 29461-1 standard


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