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Individual protection for your processes

Prevent corrosion damage and unpleasant odors with multi-stage filtration systems

Corrosion damage to electronic components increases plant costs over the long term. Unpleasant odors reduce the comfort level of workers. Protect your processes and employees from aggressive contaminant gases: with a customized filtration system and a broad selection of Viledon ChemControl pellets.

The right filtration concept must be selected based on the maximum permissible contaminant gas concentration or odor intensity. The filter modules and multi-stage solutions are therefore tailored precisely to your needs and operate with the highest efficiency. We would be happy to advise you on selecting a solution and work with you to determine the right filtration solution for your process.

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Pulp and paper industry

To make paper from wood and pulp, the raw materials must be treated chemically in a number of complex process stages. This results in gases that can cause corrosion in the surrounding machines and equipment.
Gasphasenfiltration Petrochemische Industrie

Petrochemical industry

Petroleum is an important raw material that is used to produce numerous intermediate and end products by means of complex processes. Undesirable components such as sulphur, nitrogen and oxygen must also be removed.

Data centers

Dangers that can result in data loss lurk everywhere. Data centers, which are operated at higher air temperatures than before, are especially at risk. Even a temperature increase of 10 °C doubles the corrosion rate.

Wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment often produces contaminant gases that cause unpleasant odors and can even damage sensitive electronics. Reliably protect your employees and processes from the consequences with customized filtration concepts.


The odor of kerosine and fuel is often present at airports. This smell is unpleasant and can even trigger physical reactions. The situation can be improved with reliable gas phase filtration of the air supply to your building.

Fertilizer production

Chemicals such as sulphuric acid and ammonia are used in the production of fertilizers. The processing of these chemicals produces contaminant gases that cause corrosion and must therefore be reliably removed from the process air.

Viledon filterCair service

Your comprehensive service package for maximum filter performance

Improve the performance and efficiency of your gas phase filtration with the sophisticated Viledon filterCair filter management system.

Your benefits: Reliable corrosion and odor protection with customizable packages – consisting of a comprehensive filter selection plus services and warranties at guaranteed fixed costs. Let us help you implement a high-performance and environmentally friendly system solution for your gas phase filtration to achieve a long-term reduction in your operating costs.

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      Viledon filterCair Service

      Viledon filterCair modules

      Custom-tailored service package for your needs

      With module solutions from Viledon filterCair, we offer you a comprehensive selection of problem-specific services that can be individually combined.

      BASIC package

      • Delivery of high-quality gas phase filters and modules
      • Professional change-out of pellets
      • Reliable module replacement
      • Disposal of used pellets
      • Delivery of high-quality prefilters and fine filters
      Gas Phase Filtration filterCair Service Complete

      COMPLETE package

      • All benefits of the BASIC package included
      • Analysis of the current situation
      • Recommendation of an optimal filtration system
      • Differential pressure controls
      • Determination of remaining lifetime of pellets
      • Regular measurement of indoor air quality*
      • Ongoing monitoring of indoor air quality*

      * pursuant to ISA-71.04-1985

      Supplement your BASIC or COMPLETE package with the following optional modules:


      • Air handling consulting,incl. air flow balance sheets
      • Energy efficiency consulting for HVAC systems
      • Energy inspection of your equipment according to §12 EnEV


      • Microbiological assessment of water samples (bioburden)
      • Hygiene inspection of ventilation systems according to VDI 6022

      We’ll be pleased to advise you. Talk to us. Together, we will find the package that suits you, or the individual solution that is right for your specific application.

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      How can you profit from ISO 16890 in gas phase filtration?

      Find the right filter solution for your site-specific requirements with ISO 16890

      Standardized filter systems are frequently inefficient and do not make full use of their potential for optimization. The more specifically filter systems are customized to the respective ambient conditions and plant requirements, the greater performance and reliability they achieve. 

      Our experts work with you to develop the best filter solution for your system based on the testing standard ISO 16890. As part of this filter evaluation, the typical urban and rural particle size distributions are evaluated based on the fine particulate matter fractions PM1, PM2,5 and PM10, and appropriate filtration efficiencies are determined.

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      Gas Phase Filtration ISO particle size Exemplary particle consideration of PM10 fraction

      In our download area, you will find detailed information about our technologies.

      Corrosion control for key components

      Corrosion control for key components

      Complete gas phase filtration solutions

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      Our services for reliable corrosion control

      Individual comprehensive solutions for gas phas filtration

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      Gasphasefiltration chemwatch

      Turn on. Measure. Monitor.

      Discover the unique ChemWatch Online Monitoring System

      • Large color display
      • Simple & quick data transfer
      • Large memory
      • Individually adjustable alarm signal
      • Personal annotations
      • Gas-tight housing
      • Made in Germany

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      Discover our products for gas phase filtration.

      Click on details for more information. Technical data and specific product features can be found in the e-catalog.

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      ChemControl pellets

      Effective protection against contaminant gases

      ChemControl pellets

      Comprehensive pellets portfolio for the reliable removal of contaminant gases by means of adsorption, absorption and chemisorption. Depending on the process requirement different pellets are used.

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      Honeycomb (HM) Media

      Including the revolutionary Versacomb technology

      Honeycomb (HM) Media

      The future of air purification technology: The special structure of the media allows a highly efficient interaction between the carbon and the air. Adaptable to specific performance requirements on site.

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      ChemControl modules

      Proven performance at reduced cost

      ChemControl modules

      Rugged plastic housings that contain ChemControl Pellets for chemical filtration. Available in four sizes to equip systems for almost all applications. Easy handling and replacement.

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      Honeycomb (HM) modules

      Flexible and easy to use

      Honeycomb (HM) modules

      Reliable removal of contaminant gases from the supply or recirculating air. The modules are an assembly of Honeycomb (HM) media housed in either a plastic or metallic frame. Easy to install.

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      ChemControl systems

      Reliable complete protection against corrosion

      ChemControl systems

      Multi-stage filtration systems with ChemControl pellets for the efficient and safe removal of contaminant gases. A pre- and fine filtration also ensures optimum protection against particles.

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      Honeycomb (HM) systems

      Energy-efficent and reliable corrosion control

      Honeycomb (HM) systems

      Multi-stage filtration systems with Honeycomb (HM) modules mounted on skids. Provide highly purified makeup air for pressurizing control rooms to prevent the intrusion of contaminated air.

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      ChemControl canisters

      Economical, sustainable, flexible in use

      ChemControl canisters

      A maximum application flexibility with easy handling and highest cost-effectiveness. Filled with different Viledon ChemControl pellets depending on the process requirements.

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      ChemWatch monitoring

      Exact measurements of corrosive gases

      ChemWatch monitoring

      Measures and monitors the corrosivity of air in rooms via copper and silver sensors. The only online monitoring system with a large color display for clear visibility at a glance.

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