Pure hospital air: your digital overview

Comprehensive solution packages ensure maximum patient safety

In healthcare facilities like hospitals, protection against airborne contaminants such as dusts, bacteria and viruses plays a central role. Well-designed filtration solutions offer maximum safety.

Whether ensuring hygiene during an operation or protecting the health of staff, patients and visitors, air filtration is a critical factor in all areas of a hospital. That is why filter systems and services from Viledon are designed to comply with the relevant standards and guidelines for ventilation and air-conditioning systems (RLT), such as VDI 6022, DIN EN ISO 14644 or DIN 1946-4.

The optimum filter solution for every room

While 2-stage filter systems are installed in low-risk zones, 3-stage solutions ensure the necessary cleanliness in areas with special hygiene requirements. Intensive care units or operating rooms are subject to particularly stringent requirements. To ensure the highest clean air quality in these areas, the air is conveyed with low-turbulence displacement flow, which effectively prevents contamination from adjacent areas due to slight overpressure.

Digital support for system monitoring

The Viledon Process View data management system was developed to give customers an overview of the entire filter system at all times. Besides technical key data on the filter elements, this system stores all the information on filter tests, maintenance, and process parameters. The KPIs can be conveniently viewed via the Viledon app “Vi.P. View” or on the computer via a dashboard. This enables extremely efficient filter management and maximizes the safety of the installed system.

Viledon Process View data management system

Tailored service solutions provide safety and reliability

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies accompanies projects from analysis and consulting through implementation right up to maintenance. The modular Viledon filterCair service offers individually combinable packages for this purpose. To provide you with total flexibility and ensure you only get what you actually need, all Viledon filterCair packages can be combined as required and, when used together, ensure safe processes at low operating costs.

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