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Freudenberg Filtration Technologies

The Freudenberg Group

Freudenberg is a family-owned group of companies active on the global stage. Its 10 Business Groups operate across a widely diversified group of markets and industries. 

Freudenberg offers customers in the automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, textile, construction, mining and heavy industry, energy, chemical and oil and gas sectors uniquely engineered, innovative technological products and services. Customer groupings also include companies in the medical, aerospace, rail and semiconductor industries.

Freudenberg develops and manufactures filters, seals, vibration control technology components, nonwovens, surface treatment products, release agents and specialty lubricants, medical technology, and mechatronic products.

Freudenberg develops software solutions and IT services primarily for small- and medium-sized enterprises. Consumers enjoy the benefits of Freudenberg's state-of-the-art household products marketed under the vileda®, O'Cedar®, Wettex®, Gala®, Marigold® and SWASH® brands.

Creativity, quality, diversity and technological innovation are the foundations of Freudenberg’s business. Reliability and corporate responsibility are basic values embraced by all associates. Freudenberg is committed to partnerships with customers, and believes in a long-term orientation, financial solidity and the excellence of approximately 40,000 employees in about 60 countries around the globe.

Freudenberg is a family company. It is owned by some 320 heirs of founder Carl Johann Freudenberg.