In search of good air

We only notice how valuable clean air is when it is absent

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Autonomous driving

Will the roads of the future belong to robotic cars?

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Digital networking

What does Industry 4.0 have in store for us?

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Act sustainably

Shaping a sustainable future is today a global challenge

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On a cruise with Viledon

Luxury liners leave shipyards with Freudenberg on board

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Fresh air from the can

From fiction to reality

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Despite the elements

Power plants profit from reliable filtration solutions for tropical conditions

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A recent study by the popular German car magazine Auto Motor Sport (AMS) aimed to identify true values for cabin air quality under regular everyday driving conditions. Working together with independent UK test laboratory Emission Analytics, AMS set...

Driver hand tuning air ventilation grille

Executive board member Dr. Jörg Sievert shares his views

The 2009 European standard EN 15695-2 sets out strict requirements for air purification systems in agricultural vehicles and self-propelled machinery. The standard stipulates that dusts, aerosols and gaseous contaminants arising during the use of...

Tractor cultivating field at spring

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies expands filter-testing laboratory. In the newly named “Filtration Science Lab”, the company will continue testing and investigating products for the automotive, industrial and consumer markets.

The rapid development of new mobility vehicles is opening up all sorts of opportunities, not least for innovative filtration solutions.

Increasing levels of PM2,5 pollution in China are alarming the public and authorities alike. The problem is that filters used for removing PM2,5 particles need to be validated using ambient air according to China’s regulatory authority. However, no...

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No chance for legionella

Dry instead of wet: operators of paint shops play it safe when they choose dry separation of overspray for their facilities.

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies was recently presented with the 2017 f-cell award for market-oriented products in the fuel cell industry.

A recent study of in-vehicle air quality in urban areas has revealed alarming concentrations of particulate matter.

Effective pollen protection with micronAir cabin air filters

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Dry separation made easy

Dry paint mist separation in paint shops is very much in vogue. At the PaintExpo 2018 in Karlsruhe Freudenberg Filtration Technologies presented the alternative: dry separation using modern filtration solutions.

Nothing should dull the driving pleasure and futuristic design of a new car. Not even the smallest surface defects in plastic components, which are barely visible to the human eye.

e.FFECT - that is the name of the new software tool with which Freudenberg Filtration Technologies is able to configure supply air filtration systems for customers even more precisely.

New micronAir blue automotive cabin air filter reliably protects against particulate matter and allergens

New Cabin Air Filter Production Line in Hopkinsville, KY

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Cleaning up on wastewater

Viledon Water Solutions with Aquabio technology are the first choice for safely and efficiently preparing industrial wastewater for the protection of the environment and nature. The Ardmore Distillery provides a recent example.

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