Governor of Kentucky visits Freudenberg in Germany

Andy Beshear gains insights into filtration business

The company operates a major facility in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, where it employs more than 140 people. The site has been in operation since 1975, first to manufacture nonwovens for the ready-to-wear industry, and started the production of filters for industrial applications and the automotive industry in 1993. Governor Beshear’s visit encompassed an overview of Freudenberg’s global activities and, in particular, its presence in the United States, with a focus on advancements in the field of battery-based energy solutions and future business investments.

Economic Growth and Business Investments

"Our Hopkinsville plant is an important hub for supplying our customers in the US, Canada and Mexico, and we will ensure its major role for our success in North America,” said Dr. Alexander Rozmán, CEO of Freudenberg Filtration Technologies.

The company is set to invest a mid single-digit million US dollar amount over the next three years in Hopkinsville. This investment emphasizes Freudenberg's commitment to the region, and is poised to not only upgrade the existing infrastructure and capacities but also to introduce new technologies and processes that will drive innovation and efficiency.

Recognized partner of the automotive industry

Customers appreciate Freudenberg’s dedication to quality and customer centricity in the consumer, residential, industrial and automotive sectors, as evidenced by the Honda Service Parts Supplier Award, which Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has been awarded eleven years in a row. The products for Honda, highly efficient cabin air filters to protect vehicle occupants from harmful pollutants, are manufactured in Hopkinsville.

“With Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, I visited the German headquarters of a respected manufacturing company that has been operating in Kentucky for almost 50 years. I am impressed by how the company is moving into the future, including its shift towards electromobility," commented Andy Beshear.

Advanced filtration for the battery manufacturing industry

In 2023, the company expanded its offering with the launch of their "Battery Manufacturing (New Energy)" segment. Air filtration is essential to the lithium-ion battery manufacturing process. It drives product quality, process reliability and production performance, contributes to occupational safety and protects the environment. This was of importance for the Governor’s visit, as Kentucky is one of the leading producers of electric vehicle batteries in the US. This business expansion not only showcases Freudenberg's innovative spirit but also its commitment to supporting key industries in the regions it operates, and reinforces Freudenberg's dedication to sustainability and technological advancement.