Viledon Product Catalog 2021/2022 released

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies portfolio at a glance

The new Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Viledon Product Catalog for 2021/2022 is now available. This 152-page publication contains everything you need to know about products and services for industrial filtration, enabling you to find the right solution for every application. The latest issue presents the extensive range of services offered by Viledon filterCair. In response to current events, information is also provided on the subject of viruses and bacteria. The solutions presented are designed to protect employees, equipment and products against contamination. These include high-quality medical face masks produced in Germany, as well as a plant check against germs and viruses for application in sensitive industries.

The Freudenberg Filtration Technologies product portfolio has continued to develop. As well as focusing on filters that have been tried and tested for years, the inside sections also include new developments such as the Duo Safe HT or the Tank Pressure Unit (TPU 500) for protecting foodstuffs and achieving performance gains. In addition, the Freudenberg Filtration Technologies solution range will become increasingly digital. For example, paint shop efficiency can be monitored using Viledon Process View, e.FFECT is designed to optimize supply air filtration systems for gas turbines and compressors, while filter cleaning of dedusting cartridges can be controlled with PulseWatch.

e.FFECT is designed to optimize supply air filtration systems for gas turbines and compressors

Keeping track of guidelines and standards

Alongside all the various products and solutions, this edition also deals with directives and standards such as ISO 16890 and ISO 846:1997, VDI 6022 and Eurovent 4/21. All this information is summarized in an overview of all filter classes at the end of the catalog. As well as the printed version, you can download an interactively designed PDF. The digital Viledon e-catalog continues to be available online as before.

To enable you to quickly find the product you are looking for, individual product categories have been provided with QR codes. Simply scan the code with your smartphone and the information you are looking for will immediately appear online.