e.FFECT: filter efficiency rating is now digital

New calculation software from Freudenberg Filtration Technologies enables custom-fit configurations of supply air filtration solutions.

Electronic Freudenberg Filter Efficiency Calculation Tool, or e.FFECT for short. That is the name of the new software tool with which Freudenberg Filtration Technologies is able to configure supply air filtration systems for customers even more precisely. The customer benefit is clear: the more specifically a filter system is adjusted to the respective plant requirements and environmental conditions, the more effectively, safely, efficiently and economically it can be operated.

e.FFECT enables a simple comparison of efficiency rates and stored dust masses for filter stages connected in series.

Anthropogenic fine dusts from traffic and industry in urban conurbations, pollen and natural dusts in rural areas, storms full of sand dust in arid desert regions or airborne bioaerosols – the location of a paint or beverage factory, a dairy, a power station or a hospital has a considerable influence on the design of the supply air filter systems. In addition, process requirements and plant specifics such as operating times and volume flows determine the requirement profile for the filtration function.

With e.FFECT, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies now has a unique software system that takes all essential environmental and plant specifica-tions into consideration and uses this information to calculate the most efficient filter solution for each individual case. “Naturally, these calculations are based on state-of-the-art technology and, in particular, on the specifications of the new ISO 16890 filter test standard”, explained Product Segment Engineer Patrick Weber.

The Freudenberg experts determine the respective process requirements in discussion with the customer. The data concerning local fine dust con-centrations in the ambient air is taken from the current measurements of national environmental authorities – i.e. from official bodies. These figures constitute the average annual concentrations of PM2.5 and PM10 dusts, which can critically affect a variety of processes. If required, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies experts can also determine particle concentrations in the immediate vicinity of the site by means of long-term measurements.

In most cases, multi-stage filter systems are used to achieve effective filtration. These consist of matched, sequential combinations of pocket and cassette filters or filter cartridges. e.FFECT calculates the individual degrees of separation of each filter stage and their stored dust quantities. This means that different filter systems can be thoroughly compared with each other to precisely determine the best possible filter selection or com-bination – whether that concerns the design of a new ventilation system or the optimization of an existing installation.

Benefit from an optimal filtration solution with e.FFECT

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