Corrosion control for data centers

Protection against failures and loss of data

In the age of digital information and communication technology, electronic data and programs are at the heart of business. Constantly protecting them and ensuring their availability is one of the core tasks of responsible corporate action.

Data loss dangers lurk everywhere. Room air is a source of danger by corrosive gases, which are released during the combustion of fossil fuels – for example, sulfur dioxide or various nitrogen oxides. These gases can cause corrosion and this is especially the case in urban conurbations with large volumes of car and truck traffic and heating systems.

Particularly affected are data centers operating at higher room air temperatures than before. Already a temperature increase of 10°C doubles the corrosion rate. Also high humidity increases the risk of corrosion and therefore the risk of failure. Any build-up of corrosion threatens the risk of faults, failures and data loss.

For data center operators, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies provides with Viledon Honeycomb reliable protection against corrosion by contaminant gases.

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