Freudenberg Filtration Technologies receives Honda’s Service Parts Supplier Award

The North American Team positions itself among Honda’s outstanding suppliers for the 8th year in a row

Honda North America has once again awarded Freudenberg Filtration Technologies for its excellent service to American Honda Service Parts. Acknowledging its strong network of more than 1,200 Service Parts suppliers in North America, Honda awarded only 30 of them for their consistent track records in quality, cost and delivery.

By continuously meeting and exceeding the needs of Honda and Acura customers in North America, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies recently garnered the Honda Supplier Performance Award for the 8th consecutive year. “This is the most prestigious award that a supplier can receive from Honda, and to be honored eight years in a row is a reflection of the focus and commitment of every department at Freudenberg Filtration Technologies,” said Dave Lester, North American Regional Director of Freudenberg Filtration Technologies.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Honda cancelled its annual Honda Supplier Conference, where the award ceremony is usually held. Still, winning the award sends an important message, says Dave Lester: “We take tremendous pride in our long-term relationship with Honda and are dedicated to supporting our customers through these challenging times in the best way possible. To us, the award mirrors our continued focus on high-quality products and performance.” Freudenberg provides Honda with the micronAir particle filter, thus serving the needs of customers after they have purchased Honda and Acura products.

Protecting passengers from fine dust

Since 1989, the micronAir cabin air filter has provided cleaner air and more driving comfort for car passengers. The filter is also available in two further variants: the micronAir combi filter, which offers protection against odors and various gases, such as acid gases, VOCs and ozone; and the micronAir proTect line, which captures nearly 100% of the fine dust, allergens and microspores in the air flow and provides protection against viruses.

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