Acting sustainably

The goal of assuming responsibility for society has been anchored in the corporate values of the Freudenberg Group for more than 165 years. Shaping a sustainable future is today a global challenge. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies is actively contributing to sustainability and is thus fulfilling both this responsibility and the company’s aspiration.

Innovation power helps to conserve resources

The Duden dictionary defines sustainability as a “principle according to which no more may be used than can regrow, regenerate, or be made available again in the future.” The Freudenberg Group has concentrated this definition on two main focus points. On the one hand, the company wants to reduce the size of its “footprint”. To this end, processes and plants are continually being improved so that production becomes as resource-friendly as possible. On the other hand, the Freudenberg Group wants to increase the size of its “handprint” and develop innovative products to help customers improve their efficiency. In summary, the negative environmental consequences of production should be minimized and the possibilities of sustainable resource use maximized. Following this principle, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies can also contribute as a globally operating company.

Negative environmental consequences of production should be minimized and sustainable resource use maximized

Step-by-step towards increased sustainability

The filtration specialist works towards this goal using different “sustainability building blocks”. The efficiency of the materials used plays a role, for example, if recycled or easily renewable substances can be used that are easy to process at the end of their working lives. Waste handling is another important area and this includes water. Filtration using Aquabio technology from Freudenberg Filtration Technologies can produce up to 70 per cent drinking water out of wastewater. Another major theme is, of course, clean air. Especially in high-emission industrial plants, dust extraction products made in Weinheim, Germany, ensure impressively low clean gas values, in some cases less than 0.1 mg/Nm3. In indoor areas, particles and harmful gases can be reliably separated with special filters for room air cleaners – a major plus for the health of countless people.

“In our pursuit of sustainability, we not only orient ourselves against internal standards, but are also actively involved in an initiative of the united nations.”

Clean water. Clean air. Clean solution.

In the search for sustainable filtration solutions, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies is also researching the area of energy efficiency. Ventilation and air-conditioning systems in office buildings consume around 40 per cent of a building’s total energy requirements, while the ventilation of clean rooms can account for as much as 80 per cent. This is mainly due to the flow resistance of the air filters.

Aquabio technology can produce up to 70 per cent drinking water out of wastewater

How to make good things even better

High-quality Viledon® filtration  solutions enable reliable and energy-optimal operation of these air-conditioning systems. Their low pressure drop combined with a high dust holding capacity ensures clean air in buildings and clean rooms while achieving a significant reduction in the energy requirement of the entire system.

In the pursuit of sustainability, however, the Freudenberg Group not only acts according to its high internal standards, but also actively participates in the Global Compact of the United Nations. In signing the Compact in 2014, the company committed itself to responsible action – with regard to sustainability as well as to human rights, working standards, health protection and much more. An annual report documents this commitment. Meanwhile, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies continues to research ever better, more resource- and energy-efficient possibilities. Through its production processes and products, the company can influence the responsible, sustainable handling of our planet.