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Molecular filters for reliable protection in sensitive areas

The intention of Gas Phase Filtration (also called molecular or chemical filtration) is removing gaseous contaminants from the air that could harmfully affect the occupants, contents or environment of a given space.

Industrial processes and polluted outdoor air can be the source of gaseous air contaminants as seen in the graphic. The type of air contaminants can vary from industry to industry, but the problems are almost the same. Contaminant gases can cause corrosion of sensitive electronics as well as unpleasant odors.

The consequences:

  • health impairments
  • expensive repairs
  • unplanned downtimes

Our Gas Phase Filtration solutions protect sensitive areas of processes and reliably remove contaminant gases, odors and VOCs from the air.

Comprehensive protection for your processes

Every industry faces different challenges in regard to occupational and process safety with their specific raw materials or manufacturing processes. Some of these disruptive factors can be traced to the development or presence of undesirable gases. Therefore, the individual requirements need to be identified in order to design the most effective Gas Phase Filtration solution. Our current focus is on corrosion control with electronics as well as odor and VOC control with chemical filtration.

Corrosion Control

Corrosion protection with electronics by effectively filtering contaminant gases from the outdoor air.

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VOC Control

Removing VOCs from the ambient air to protect people with our reliable filtration solutions.

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Odor Control

The presence of odor-intensive gasses must be controlled to prevent negative effects on the environment and health of workers.

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Products and services for gas phase filtration

Discover our comprehensive Gas Phase Filtration solutions and services for reliable protection from gases in sensitive areas.


Discover our range of Gas Phase Filtration Solutions for the protection against harmful gases.

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Discover our range of customized services for optimizing your Gas Phase Filtration system.

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Discover our Gas Phase Filtration Solutions

For corrosion and odor/ VOC control

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Discover our online monitoring systemsHarmful gas control taken a step further

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Complete Viledon filterCair filtration service for three petrochemical plants


Our services for reliable corrosion control

Individual comprehensive solutions for gas phase filtration


Increase operational reliability – protect against corrosion

Gas phase filtration for the petrochemical industry


Increase operational safety – protect against corrosion

Gas phase filtration for the pulp and paper industry

Corrosion control for key components

Corrosion control for key components

Complete Gas Phase Filtration solutions

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