Agriculture filters protecting tractor drivers

micronAir agricultural filters category 2, 3 and 4

The use of pesticides in agriculture is a hotly debated issue. Synthetic pesticides achieve higher yields and enable the growing global demand for food to be met. However, the impact on human health and the environment is the subject of much  controversy. Because it is not currently realistic to entirely do away with pesticides, where they are used it is crucial that field workers are effectively protected. This is regulated in Europe by EU standard EN 15695 for systems designed to ensure the purity of cabin air in agricultural vehicles.

Agriculture filters protecting tractor drivers: Pesticides

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Effective protection against hazardous substances

Especially for tractor and self-propelled vehicle drivers potentially handling toxic pesticides and liquid fertilizers out on the fields, reliable protection from dust, aerosols and gas as well as vapor contaminants entering the cabin is key for their health and safety. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies offers filtration solutions with tailor-made protective functions for all cabin categories (according EN 15695 standard definitions).

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Agriculture filters protecting tractor drivers: Dust and particles
Protection against dust and particles

Category 2 cabin air filter

micronAir category 2 cabin air filters deliver high efficiency and dust-holding capacity, even during extended periods of operational use. At the same time, they maintain low pressure-drop values and thus ensure long filter lifetime and high energy efficiency in the vehicle’s air ventilation system.
Agriculture filters protecting tractor drivers: Aerosols
Category 2 protection plus aerosol separation

Category 3 cabin air filter

The micronAir category 3 cabin air filtration design concept extends the performance range to include the finest droplets and particle aerosols. This is achieved by an additional high-efficiency particulate filtration stage at the level required for hospital and cleanroom applications.
Agriculture filters protecting tractor drivers: Vapors
Category 3 protection plus vapor separation

Category 4 cabin air filter

The premium micronAir category 4 cabin air filter design boasts a perfectly coordinated multi-stage filter system, which adds a unique, high-performance, activated-carbon layer in the final filter stage. Cabin air filters add a unique, high-performance, activated-carbon layer in the final filter stage. These highly efficient filters can even block vaporous contaminants that can be harmful to the operator’s health.

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Agricultural cabin air filters category 2, 3 and 4

Premium agricultural cabin air filters for effective operator protection


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micronAir agricultural filters cabin air filters category 2, 3 and 4


5 things you need to know about EN 15695


Reducing the aerosol concentration in agricultural vehicles

Agriculture filters protecting tractor drivers: Effect

Tested and proven

micronAir cabin air filter solutions for agricultural vehicles provide optimum protection for the operator. The category 4 filtration concept in particular delivers previously unheard-of safety levels. Extensive lab tests carried out by our experts as well as by external EU-approved testing institutes confirm compliance with the requirements of the EN 15695 standard. This has been proven by extensive field tests performed during seasonal PPP spraying activities and by technical analysis carried out on used filters returned from the field. To keep operational costs as low as possible and to achieve maximum working life, our category 4 filters can be selectively engaged, as needed. 

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Customizable size, shape and housing

Working closely together, we will develop a tailored solution for you that provides optimal safety and is as light as possible to facilitate handling and replacement for operators. We combine our state-of-the-art filtration media with the shapes and housings that best fit your specifications to achieve an optimized and robust solution for daily use even under extreme conditions. We offer a choice of metal or aluminum frames, injection-molded plastic housings, customized to your specific application requirements or designs, and much more. Are you looking for a reliable and long-lasting cabin air filtration solution for agricultural vehicles like specialty tractors, utility tractors, open-field tractors, self-propelled sprayers or combine harvesters?

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Key product features at a glance

  • Meet the strict requirements for air purification systems in agricultural vehicles set out in EN 15695
  • State-of-the-art operator protection against all kinds of contaminants occurring during field work
  • Very long service life and high energy efficiency
  • Protection effect confirmed through extensive and detailed internal lab tests and external EU-approved testing institutes, as well as during hundreds of hours field testing
  • Tailored OE-quality solutions from the preferred development partner of the automotive industry

The EU standard EN 15695

The EU standard EN 15695(-1 and -2) for systems designed to ensure the purity of air in agricultural vehicles stipulates: “When operating self-propelled sprayers and tractors, the operator can be exposed to hazardous substances such as dust, aerosols or vapors (for example during the application of plant protection products or fertilizers). Cabs of agricultural tractors and self-propelled sprayers providing protection against these substances may be used to reduce operator exposure to airborne contaminants generated during farming operations”. On this basis, the standard defines 4 categories of cabin with corresponding air filter requirements and test procedures. These extremely stringent safety requirements require sophisticated solutions.

As cabin air filter specialists, Freudenberg engineers are active members of the CEN working group. This body has been developing and further revising the European standard EN15695-1 and -2, as in the case of the recent 2017 release.

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