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Filtration media play a critical role in the efficiency and reliability of modern automotive engines. Engineered nonwovens surpass the performance and lifetime of cellulose papers, which are traditionally used in oil and fuel filters.
 Freudenberg’s new pluratexx oil filter media are a quantum leap in engine oil filtration. Made from 100% thermally bonded polyester fibers, they are highly resistant to aggressive high performance motor oils. The gradient media density enhances both filtration efficiency and contaminant retention capacity, while still operating with less flow resistance. Due to the higher dirt retention volume, the filters last much longer, and the service intervals can be extended. On the other hand, filters now can be designed smaller, saving weight and space under the hood.

A new series of JetSpin filter media enhances the lifetime of cellulose papers used in diesel fuel filters. These PBT (polyester) nonwovens are being laminated to the upstream side of the paper and are acting as a high capacity pre-filtration layer and also improving water separation. Again, nonwovens are increasing the lifetime of the filter, or reducing the necessary space and weight of these automotive components. JetSpin products have a very low thermal shrinkage during lamination and do not lose their bond to the paper in the further manufacturing process.

Viledon Nonwovens for Oil and Fuel Filtration
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(50 – 198 g/m²)pluratexx 2001 Kpluratexx 2005pluratexx 2049