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Viledon nonwovens for food and beverage applications are made from physiologically safe raw materials in ultra-modern manufacturing facilities. The media allows unwanted particles to be filtered out in a highly efficient manner, with no contamination. The versatile Viledon nonwovens can be welded, glued or sewn.

For the multifaceted requirements entailed by all the different applications involved, Viledon nonwovens offer tailor-made, field-proven solutions. Our meticulous quality monitoring offers you dependability against even the most stringent of criteria.

This combination of excellence in hygiene, efficiency, and versatility results in a product that is not only ideal for milk filtration, but also meets the requirements for large-scale roasting systems (frying oil filtration), the beverage industry (e.g. beer or wine filtration), and drinking water filtration.

Viledon Nonwovens for Food and Beverage Filtration
Cellulose/ Polyester (20 – 130 g/m²)

FFM 2614FFM 2681FFM 2682FFM 2684FFM 2686
FFL 2689FFL 2690FFL 2693
Polyester (70 - 130 g/m²)FFL 2415FFL 2640FFL 2641FFL 6570FFL H6512
Polypropylene (400 g/m²)FFM 2621
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