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Sustainability based on energy savings

Sustainability is among the central global issues of our time. More and more companies perceive their obligation to society as a whole and explicitly acknowledge this in their values for responsible economic behavior.

Profitable growth, ecological and social responsibility are closely linked. Sustainability has a direct impact on positive business results if more efficient work equipment and processes lead to energy and cost savings. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has taken on this task and supports customers worldwide with innovative solutions.

Our activities here are diverse: we conserve resources during production, avoid waste, reduce the use of materials, use recycled raw materials, and offer disposal-friendly and space-saving product alternatives.

A couple of specific examples:
  • In the manufacture of filter mats, we use recycled fibers. We collect the scrap material that arises during production and reuse it for the production of our filter mats. Viledon fiber bags for dust removal technology consist of nonwoven polyester materials based on recycled plastics. Each produced square meter of hydrotexx Eco, a filter medium in pool & spa filter cartridges used in swimming pools, contains recycled polyester material from at least six reused plastic bottles.
  • Environmentally friendly processing, reduced use of raw materials, and the avoidance of waste are plus points of Viledon NEXX filter bags. Compared to traditional filter bags manufactured from needle-felt, they are 50 % lighter and are thus easier to handle during installation and cleaning and are extremely durable.
  • With Viledon eee.Sy, our turnkey air intake system for gas turbines and compressors, we ensure not only improved energy-efficiency of the turbo machines, but also lower energy consumption and increased system profitability through the use of waste heat.

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