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31 October 2016

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31 October 2016

The PM Problem - How Particulate Matter Affects the Life of Americans

Did you know you breath almost 150 gallons of air a day? If you’re unsure of the air’s cleanliness, that can be a frightening statistic. Numerous studies have shown that particulate matter in the air we breathe can be harmful to our health by causing cardiovascular and respiratory problems.

31 October 2016

Introducing Aqua Block 30 - The Top Solution for Waterborne Paint Filtration

Transitioning to waterborne paint coatings can add additional needs for exhaust filtration. With larger and heavier particles than solvent based paint coatings, waterborne coatings create a unique challenge in trying to trap wet paint overspray while minimizing pressure drops in the paint booth. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies understands these challenges and is proud to announce the new Viledon® Aqua Block 30 (AB30) media.

31 October 2016

The Perfect Fit for Gas Turbine Applications: The GTS and GTG

Machine downtime, maintenance costs, difficult change outs…all of these hinder gas turbine operations. But with Viledon® GTS and GTG cartridge filters, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies helps you eliminate your frustration. We understand the needs of gas turbine operators, so we developed the GTS and GTG Composite cartridge filters to the highest standards. We think you’ll agree!

31 October 2016

Happy Birthday! Freudenberg Celebrates 1 Year of its New Global Brand

On July 10th, 2015, Freudenberg launched its new global brand! Since then, we’ve been hard at work updating the look and feel of nearly everything! From data sheets and brochures to the website, we are doing our best to make sure we live up to the Freudenberg standard our customers expect.

25 May 2016

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies featured in TAPPI Product and Services Guide Throughout the pulp and paper industry, the TAPPI Product and Services guide is known as a terrific reference for finding the right solution for a particular process. This year is no different as Freudenberg Filtration Technologies is featured for its innovative solutions in corrosion control.
20 April 2016

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies - Pioneers in Automotive Cabin Air Filtration

Cabin air filters and filtration systems have become standard equipment in modern vehicles almost overnight.

From an installation rate of just 60 percent five years ago, cabin air filters are now found on nearly 97 percent of the cars and light trucks sold in North America.

14 April 2016

Freudenberg to Hold 3 Day Media Tour

Did you know Freudenberg has more than 80 locations in North America? Did you know that all 11 Freudenberg businesses groups operate in North America?

Although based in Germany, Freudenberg has a large presence in North America. To showcase this, Freudenberg will hold a 3 day media tour starting April 13th in Detroit, Michigan with the release of our annual results.